Optimism has already won the first round of L2 competition and will continue to work hard to benefit all things

Optimism has already won the first round of L2 competition and will continue to work hard to benefit all things.

WEB3 is decentralized, and benefits the community. That is to say, as long as users work on the chain, they will be rewarded. The blockchain is recorded, and the labor they have done will be rewarded sooner or later. ! For example, when the Optimism mainnet was first launched, an NFT Optimistic Explorer collection was released. So far, no rewards have been seen. Another example is the 18-task NFT of Optimism Quests, which has not seen any rewards, especially those who complete 18 tasks at the same time. Should users with 18 NFT certificates be rewarded? This is proof of early heavy support for Optimism! And it is proof that a lot of energy and money have been spent to support Optimism!

Also, when Optimism first issued $OP, OP Allocations showed that the airdrop rewards to the community accounted for 19% of the total, but it was only a little larger in the first round of airdrops. Now, it is already the sixth round. But the project team still has hundreds of millions of OPs that have not been rewarded to users. Can there be a big reward this time? Arouse market attention again?


Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion. As long as it reaches enough popularity, the project team will notice it!

Optimism has long given up on their on-chain users, and every airdrop is given to some insiders.


I feel the same way. Once the ecology and reputation are established, they no longer care about retail investors. I feel like they only care about large investors and institutional investors now. :rofl: :joy:

Hypocritical team, the promised airdrop was not released to users, and the promised quests nft was not released either.

I respect your viewpoint, however, if you consider the clear and transparent procedures implemented, alongside the strides made toward decentralization through ongoing experiments, it is unmatched in any ecosystem.

Suppose you examine the experiments conducted over the last two seasons and note the significant application increase. In that case, it is clear evidence of the effective execution of transparent processes.

This is true, that should unlock or return to Gov Fund for future use.

P.S.: I never received any airdrop.