This is just a question from a newbie, about public goods

Friends, do you think that ordinary people who supported the project (not bot drivers) will be able to receive a reward for early support of the project, or not?
Is it exactly


What do you mean by reward? Are you talking about the next Airdrops?

Supported in what way?

Optimism is one of the most importants L2 currently. Support can come in so many ways


maybe I wrote it wrong, I used a translator, it seems to me that the translation is not correct I read the article
RetroPGF Round 2 | Optimism Docs

and it was written there that only developers will be awarded for support, or I didn’t translate correctly) I know that optimism is the most important now as for me and the most convenient)


Dear @Anexis,
Welcome to the OP discourse. I am glad that you can participate using a translator, I’m sure everyone can make an effort to include people with a language barrier making the collective more diverse and unbias. Please keep expressing yourself in this forum and I hope you help us with a future proposal for forming an international, intercultural OP working group.

About your question: as far as I understand any project or person can be nominated if somehow they have provided public good to the Collective. I quote the 3 main categories:

  • Infrastructure + Dependencies: Software used to build or deploy the OP Stack; contributions to protocols or standards the OP Stack depends on run; experiments that support future development of the core OP Stack protocol
  • Tooling + Utilities: Work that helps builders create applications on Optimism mainnet, build on the OP Stack, interact with governance of the Collective, or use applications built on Optimism
  • Education: Work to spread awareness and knowledge of how Optimism works, whether technically or socially

Hello, thanks to advanced technology we can communicate and the language barrier is not a problem for us.)But for many other people, this can be a problem, because they will not be able to learn or translate, I will try to explain to as many people as possible, of course, and write what needs to be done but do you have any idea how many people won’t be rewarded and encouraged because they don’t know English, they can walk away and think they’ve been deceived, and I’m sure more than half of them don’t even know that. And even, for example, to write yourself for a nomination, will you need to write everything that you did in general in terms of supporting the project? :slight_smile: let’s be optimistic about it
just think how many people will think that (we were deceived) I wonder who is going to vote for me?) I think everyone will vote for themselves well, I wonder how it will all look) I see everything optimistically