Optimism Fractal Season 3

Hey friends! Join us for the first event of Optimism Fractal Season 3! :fireworks:

We’re excited to start the season in style with a Respect Game to grow Optimism, then discuss a new proposal in today’s planning session. The proposal aims to implement a social coordination game called Cagendas that enables everyone to vote with Respect on topics to discuss after our weekly Respect Games.

Cagendas is proposed to take place at a new event called the Optimism Town Hall, which is envisioned as a collaborative space for structured discussions about the Optimism Collective powered by Optimism Fractal Respect. This would replace the Optimism Fractal Planning Sessions at 18-18:30 UTC, so the total event time would remain the same.

You can read more details in the introductory post, the proposal on Snapshot, and join the zoom room for the event here. We’d appreciate your support by recasting to help spread the word. We look forward to seeing you soon :blush:


Hey optimists! Thanks for the great event on Thursday, it was amazing seeing everyone and a wonderful way to start season 3 of Optimism Fractal!

I’m pleased to announce that the proposal to implement Cagendas after the Respect Game at weekly events was approved by the Optimism Fractal council. This means that we’ll host the first Optimism Town Hall event this upcoming Thursday at 18 UTC following our weekly Respect Game and a topic for the event will be chosen on Monday at 17 UTC according to the rules in the proposal. We’ll also repeat this process at weekly events going forward until some other change is proposed and approved with our community’s consensus process. I appreciate all the thoughtful feedback shared during the event and the votes in support of the proposal.

To kick off the first town hall, I just created a topic proposal called Exploring Optimism Town Hall and Cagendas. At this event, I’d like to share a brief presentation that provides a more in-depth overview of the potential benefits, next steps, and rationale of these new initiatives. The material for this topic can be found in the introductory post, which includes links to projects with more details about Optimism Town Hall, Cagendas, Optimism Fractal Season 3, and the value that these initiatives can provide for the Optimism Collective. We’ll have an open discussion after the presentation and I’d love to hear more feedback about this topic, so please feel free to share any thoughts here in the chat or at the upcoming town hall event.

As per the rules approved in the proposal, anyone who has earned Respect at Optimism Fractal can propose a different topic to discuss after this week’s Respect Game event by creating a poll in the Optimism Town Hall snapshot space. Anyone who has earned Respect at Optimism Fractal can vote on these polls with their Respect to help determine the discussion topic for each weekly event and whichever topic proposal received the most votes by Monday at 17 UTC will be the topic discussed during the upcoming Town Hall event. If you want to propose a topic, make sure to set your topic proposal poll to end on Monday at 17 UTC (or earlier) to be eligible as a formal topic proposal for the week’s event. Feel free to propose any topic that is related to Optimism Fractal or the Optimism Collective.

For anyone who missed last week’s event, I recommend watching the video to see all the great things that happened in our first episode of Optimism Fractal Season 3. We discussed this proposal to start playing Cagendas at Optimism Town Hall at 4:10 and 1:19:52 in the video. In addition there were also outstanding contributions in the Respect Game, awesome discussions with talented newcomers, and a very interesting conversation about collaborating to build the upcoming Optimism Fractal app.

I encourage everyone to register for our weekly Optimism Town Hall event and invite friends who are interested in Optimism. If you’re not yet familiar with Optimism Fractal, we invite you to explore OptimismFractal.com, join our weekly events, and feel free to reach out with any questions. I’m looking forward to seeing all the topics that the community will propose this season and excited to see you at our 26th event on Thursday! Thank you! :pray:t4::sunflower::sun_with_face:


Hi optimists!

You’re invited to join the 26th Optimism Fractal event today at 17 UTC and the first Optimism Town Hall at 18 UTC!

Respect Game

Optimism Fractal is a community dedicated to fostering collaboration and awarding public goods creators on Optimism. Each of our events is based around the Respect Game, which provides excellent opportunities to network with innovators, promote your work, evaluate impact for the benefit of the Collective. You can watch awesome videos from each of our prior events to learn more about the profound benefits of this onchain social games and see amazing contributions from talented builders.

Introducing Optimism Town Hall

We’ll host the Optimism Town Hall event each Thursday at 18 UTC following our weekly Respect Game and the topic for today is called Exploring Optimism Town Hall and Cagendas. Today there will be a presentation that provides a more in-depth overview of the potential benefits, next steps, and rationale of the value that the Optimism Town Hall and Cagendas can provide for the Optimism Collective. See the post above for more details. We’ll have an open discussion after the presentation and would love to hear your feedback!

Latest Video

How will we grow Optimism around the world? We recognize public goods creators in dynamic social games, then explore referral awards for inviting new participants into Optimism Fractal’s thriving community :raised_hands:t4::apple:

Today’s Events

If you want to join the optimistic movement, you can RSVP on the event pages for Optimism Fractal and Optimism Town Hall. Everyone is welcome to join both events and they will both be recorded so everyone can watch. For ease, you can find the zoom room for both events here and also join Discord for the latest updates. We look forward to seeing you at the events :smiling_face::sparkles:


Introducing OPTOPICS

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to introduce OPTOPICS, an innovative consensus game crafted to enrich our discussions at Optimism Town Hall. OPTOPICS is a new Cagendas game mode that allows respected community members to propose, vote, and dynamically coordinate discussion topics during our events.

OPTOPICS enhances the original Cagendas game mode by providing structure for real-time interaction and flexibility during events. This collaborative agenda game is designed to optimize our meeting time by providing a simple structure, facilitating more interactive conversations, and helping us focus on what’s most important to the community. It’s a fun way to organize events that taps into the wisdom of our community to more effectively grow Optimism Fractal and maximize our impact for the Optimism Collective with Respect.

Please see the introductory post for more details and upvote the topic proposal to play Optopics at this week’s Optimism Town Hall if you support this initiative. Feel free to share any questions or comments, your participation and feedback is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all to create the future of collective decision-making and community coordination at Optimism Fractal!

Cagendas Topic Proposals

As per the recently approved proposal to implement Cagendas, anyone who has earned Respect at Optimism Fractal can make a different topic proposal to discuss after this week’s Respect Game event by creating a poll in the Optimism Town Hall snapshot space before Monday at 17 UTC. Alternatively you can also suggest topics in the Optopics game proposed above. You can see the rules for Cagendas in the proposal above and feel free to propose any topic that is related to Optimism Fractal or the Optimism Collective.

Council Registration Poll

Here is the registration poll for the next week’s Optimism Fractal Council. In exciting news, this is the first week where we’ve had a full council with 6 sages. Big thanks to the Optimism Fractal councilors for the participation and support! :pray:t4: :man_mage:t4:


Hey all! Let’s dive into Optimism Fractal this Thursday for an exciting Respect Game and jump into the second Optimism Town Hall to play a new Cagendas game - OPTOPICS! :octopus:

Respect Game

The Respect Game is a joyful consensus process mechanism that helps foster collaborations, evaluate positive impact, and coordinate decentralized governance. You’re welcome to play the Respect Game at Optimism Fractal weekly events on Thursdays at 17 UTC! You can explore more benefits of the Respect Game and recent feedback from Deez below:

Deez, Head of Growth at Mode Network, shared his thoughts on Optimism Fractal at 56:40 describing its community-building efforts as the most beautiful seedlink portion of that, emphasizing the nurturing and sharing among members. He lauds the Respect Game for fostering accountability and excitement weekly, as participants strive to impress and grow alongside their peers—key elements in the web3 remote industry. He further notes the importance of being seen and recognized for one’s passion, a simple yet often overlooked aspect across various platforms, which tends to get lost in the noise of Telegram and Discord channels.

Let’s play OPTOPICS

Since the topic proposal in the above post was approved according to the rules of Cagendas, we’ll play OPTOPICS for the first time at the second Optimism Town Hall at 18 UTC. This new Cagendas game is crafted to enrich discussions at Optimism Town Hall and enable community members to dynamically coordinate topics during events. You can read more about Optopics in this article.

As per the method described in the above post, topic suggestions shared before Wednesday at 17 UTC are now added to a Snapshot poll where everyone who’s earned Respect can vote to determine our agenda. Didn’t get your topic added yet? Don’t worry! You can suggest topics for upcoming town halls in the channel or propose topics in the Optimism Town Hall snapshot space. Feel free to suggest any topics that you’d like to discuss at the event in the new #optimism-town-hall channel.

First Optimism Town Hall Event

The creation of Optimism Town Hall is sprouted from the Optimism Fractal’s established governance system and community effort. We believe that this is one of the best ways that Optimism Fractal can provide value to the broader Superchain.

You can now watch the first Optimism Town Hall episode about it’s purpose, rationale, and ways it can grow at 1:06:23. You can also watch an exciting short announcement about the new Optimism Town Hall event and collaborative forum during the Joint House Call on May 21st at 1:02:58. We encourage community participation to foster discussions on important Optimism matters and are grateful to be able to provide an open space for everyone to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about Optimism. Join the weekly Optimism Town Halls at 18 UTC to build culture that is open to express their optimistic vision and values. Stay optimistic!

Latest Video

In our second episode of the season we dive deeper into the potential benefits, next steps, and rationale of how the Optimism Town Hall maximizes positive impact for the Collective :red_circle: :sparkles:

Today’s Events

In addition to the Optimism Fractal event featuring the Respect Game, we encourage you to RSVP to the new Optimism Town Hall event. For ease, you can also find the zoom room for both events here. We’d appreciate if you recast this promotional message to help spread the word. As always, stay optimistic. Looking forward to seeing you there! :drum::ocean: