Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Joint House Call #33: January 30, 2024

Recording link: January 30th, 2024 joint house call recording.mp4 - Google Drive
Slides Link: January 30th, joint house call slides - Google Slides

  • Voting Cycle 17 just finished. Delta Upgrade, Grant Misusage Enforcement and Code of Conduct Summary passed.
    • Delta Upgrade currently in veto period: badgeholders only need to vote if they are vetoing the upgrade, 45 badgeholders are needed to veto and the vote occurs in snapshot . This will happen to all protocol updates.
  • Voting Cycle 18 starting, is now in review period.
  • Gonna will be the new Grants Council lead!
  • Season 5 Feedback thread is live right now in the forums.
  • RetroPGF next steps:
    • Retro Badgeholders Rewards coming up in the next two weeks.
    • KYC and Grant delivery is in process, for any question message retropgf@optimism.io
    • RetroPGF retrospective blog post coming out in approximately a week and half, expect to see follow up posts in the next rounds.
    • Anonymised RetroPGF3 votes will be released soon.
    • The design for the next RetroPGF round will be decided by the foundation, currently looking into progressive steps to hand this power to the Citizens House. One change that will be made from round 3 to future rounds is more feedback cycles as proposed designs are published.
    • The previous process of citizen and voting badge distribution made step by step with the rounds will change in the future (no dates mentioned) where citizenship distribution might be separate from any round.
    • Expect the next RetroPGF round to run around May or June.
  • Overview on the Anticapture Commission with Brichis, look at the current proposals in the Anti-Capture Comission snapshot, for more details also check Anticapture Commission Communication Thread.
  • Mission Proposals are in approval period right now, each mission proposal needs four approvals by February 7 19:00 GMT, they’ll be ranked according to token house voting, allocating funds to those that are the top projects within the allocated budget per intent.
    • Delegates can use the Mission Request evaluations framework to assist in their evaluations.
    • For those who want to know which delegates are assigned to evaluate each mission: Delegate Assignments. If you are a top 100 delegate without an assignment, please remember that you can still provide evaluations without an assignment.

Check Mission Request Seeking for Sponsorship to plan your review process as a delegate.