Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Community Call #31: November 21, 2023

Slides link: November 21st, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides
Recording link: November 21st, 2023 Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

  • Voting Cycle 16b:

    • Law of Chains successfully passed.
    • The Grants Council and Code of Conduct Council were elected.
    • Season 5 Intent Budget passed. Check Season 5: Intents Budget Proposal to see in detail the budget allocated to each intent.
    • The Chain Delegation Program passed. As said before this program would allow OP Chains to actively participate in Optimism’s governance in Seasons 5 and 6. It will be added to the Superchain through a governance process. Season five will start with no delegation from this program, then over the course of the next year chains can qualify and then participate in this program. Check the link to the forum for more information.
  • Voting Cycle 16c: starts on Thursday 23.

    • Security Council: For full context on the implementation of the Security Council, please read Intro to Optimism’s Security Council.
    • Canyon Upgrade: this is a network update for OP Mainnet, a minor upgrade compared to bedrock. If the vote passes, it will be upgraded five weeks later, on January 11th, 2024. This upgrade has already been activated on internal devnets in coordination with Base & Conduit. Successfully activated on op-goerli, op-sepolia, base-goerli, base-sepolia, pgn-sepolia, & zora-sepolia. For more details and information: Upgrade Proposal #2: Canyon Network Upgrade
  • Mission Request:

    • Mission Requests drafts must be posted to the forum by January 17th, then they’ll need 4 delegates approvals by February 7th.
    • For details on how to submit your Mission Request: About the Mission Requests category.
    • All top 100 delegates can create these mission requests. If you are not a top 100 delegate, post your idea for a Mission Request here: Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship.
    • The Foundation will also host a Mission Request Workshop in early December.
    • There will be a mission request discord channel for any questions and also for collaboration.
  • The We Love the Art campaign is happening! All art is welcomed, not necessarily related to Optimism.

  • The foundation is looking for feedback on the govNERDs program. So definitely go in and try and help improve the program. Here is the form: govNERDs Experiment Feedback

  • RetroPGF It’s in full swing right now. The badgeholders are in the process of making lists and creating their applications, which you can check out through Agora RetroPGF 3

  • Check the thread Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures, this thread is self-reported by the badgeholders where everyone is listing out some of the projects that they have a conflict of interest on this cycle.