Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Community Call #27: August 29, 2023

Thanks everyone for coming!!! It was a great call.

Here is the recording: August 29th community call recording.mp4 - Google Drive .

Slides: August 29, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides

We started this call with a “Praise session”, an idea brought by Bricia, since everyone is working hard and doing such a great job, is a gratifying thing to recognize and appreciate, including ourselves, the people we work with sometimes! So go ahead and check “Feel the love” channel on Discord.

All feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!

  • Grants cycle 14 updates from Dane: Check Cycle 14 Round up on the forum to get more details.
    • To see more information about the Roundups, how people scored, what feedback was given, etc, take a look to CharmVerse (Linked downbelow)
    • For those interested in making a proposal for Cycle 15, apply on CharmVerse before August 24 (19:00 GMT) to receive an additional credit for their proposal. Proposals are due by August 31 (19:00 GMT)
    • Also feel free to check the OP Governance Calendar to keep track of any information about dates of your interest.
  • One big announcement last week was Base’s introduction in Optimism Governance, in order to collect feedback from the community Base and the Optimism team made a post on the forums on How Base will participate in Optimism Governance, raising some main point such as transparency, participation, etc, as always any feedback is more than welcomed. We recommend this article from Base about their involvement in Superchain Base’s Commitment to Decentralization with the Superchain.

We finished the call with an open discussion, not only mentioning the topics above but also a great insight over The Superchain and Law of chains (Read the post for more information, comment and leave feedback). Also a shout-out to Bankless and their video over the Superchain: Crypto’s Endgame: The Superchain Explained with Jesse Pollock & Ben Jones, always great to see such active participation in the community!