Open letter to Polynya

@polynya -

As far as I know, you’ve largely receded from active involvement across this industry, but you continue to command an enormous OP delegation, a powerful marginal vote that can unilaterally make or kill proposals.

Do you intend to participate in Optimism in an ongoing way? If not, what are your plans for this voting position?


To quote my last blog post:

I’ll try and make the occasional cast on Farcaster, and I’ll absolutely fulfill my delegate and investor obligations, and privately help anyone who wants to fight against degeneracy and build useful products. But this is the end of the road for this “polynya” blog.

In short, nothing has changed from the Optimism governance perspective. The only “announcement” in that post was that I will not write any more blog posts under this pseudonym.

Separately, before then, I had a delegate update where I updated my participation intention. I have never missed a vote since the very first proposal, and that’ll continue to be the case until I make another update. Hope that clarifies everything.

Separately, my delegation is not as powerful as it used to be - less than 10% of the active participants - but I do recognize it may sway contentious proposals like the Code of Council Rescoping vote (as can you, and about 10 other delegates). In these cases, be rest assured I’ll be following the discussion closely.