Lack of transparency/clarity in governance

Hello, I see several comments deploring the lack of investment, particularly on votes… as a retail, I find it very complicated to follow the incentive allocation program, requests/granted, votes, results… in my opinion more clarity would allow a better understanding of optimism… opinions? and tell me where are the links to follow the governance please?


I agree that there could be a centralized dashboard to display the different stages of deployment from the OP gov side. It’s very hard to keep up with and understand everything that is happening.


Makes a lot of sense to add some clarity on the proposals.


It is. It takes time to catch up, and the landing is not easy. I spent many hours reading and asking questions, and we can’t expect everyone to do that so they can participate in governance without feeling overwhelmed. It’s like that in all DAOS. Optimism is in an early phase so I think it is worth it a little effort, but more structure information is needed.

I was proposing some community bottom-up projects that motivate people like you (interested in governance) to participate.

I came here because of the airdrop and I stayed because I love this:

Sadly is complicated to do that without people coming massively to participate. Please stay and be a part of this. Stay tuned to the update on this project and make them yours too as a member of OP collective: