State of Optimism Governance

The State of Optimism Governance

Hello Optimism community!

I would like to first start by thanking the community for all of the feedback on our Governance Fund Observations post!

After receiving your very encouraging feedback from the community, @raho and I have expanded upon our original post with a State of Optimism Governance Report. Our goal for the report was to create a formal, recurring reporting structure to provide transparency and analysis following each Season of the Optimism Governance Fund.

Inspired by Optimism’s culture, which emphasizes public goods, we are happy to release these without a paywall as we look to continue providing value-add services to the DAO.

We’d love to hear the community’s feedback and we appreciate the collaborative nature and community of the Optimism Collective. To stay up-to-date with Optimism Governance, feel free to use Messari Governor which tracks and summarizes discussions and proposals across forums, Snapshot, and enables the ability to vote directly!


this is very cool!

my one dataviz request is that you somehow set up the graph to clearly show the net for votes, i.e., for votes minus against votes, or otherwise more clearly illustrate the ratio of for vs against votes. this would help to show the relative favorability of these proposals


Hi Jack, love that idea and appreciate the feedback. Definitely something we can build out for our next report!