In a web3 world, forums should use wallets to link identities

Instead of using usernames, passwords, email addresses, etc., the use of a bound wallet address better identifies an individual’s contribution to the forum.


I like this idea and I think it will be feasible when the Citizens’ House is created. Linking a public address does require some considerations:

  • How do we protect user’s privacy? Do they just have a wallet dedicated to this forum?
  • What happens if the private key for that wallet is lost? There should be some sort of mechanism that will allow users to transfer their reputation tied to the forum to another wallet

brightID is another option. They are working on proving you are human without sacrificing privacy. Other Web3 projects have used them like Gitcoin.

Nice! I’ll have to check this out. Another one I’ve heard about is Proof of Humanity:

Something like Lens/ Lenster ( or Sign-in-with-Ethereum (