Karma - link forum username to wallet

We are building a reputation system for DAO contributors. As part of that, we have built a Karma reputation dashboard to show Optimism governance participant activity in snapshot, on-chain voting and forum activity.

To see the forum activity, governance participants have to link their forum handle/username to their wallet. This will help us associate forum activity to that wallet and boost your reputation score. We would like to use this Topic for governance participants to sign a message using their wallet and post it here so we can link.

If you are interested in seeing all your activity, please link your forum handle to your wallet here.


Verifying my forum identity for optimism governance addr: 0xbFdffCd81A3796f55b476B36937253FA6267644B sig: 0x24d86d28cdd6c2df64c6081ba7ffee717f43847c0c32a1df6c73ed3e73fceb867920138b0a5e03dfcf0acfd9340e67abb02101d2b7a9f50f3c07122b8d74555701 #optimismgovernance

Is this just for delegates or can delegators participate as well?

Anyone who is involved in governance can participate. In majority of the cases, it’s just delegates but nothing stopping you from linking your wallet and seeing your activity!

There is now a related Phase 1 proposal