25th OP Community Call **LAW OF CHAINS EDITION** will be [Tuesday August 1st @ 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET]

Hey everyone!

It was an amazing call! Some great questions and discussion on Law of Chains (contribute to the discussion here)!

Recording is here: August 1st Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive


  • The VAST MAJORITY of the call was spent discussing the newly published Law of Chains.
    • @ben-chain was with us to discuss and to answer questions
    • Law of Chains doesn’t include operationalization, but instead outlines the stakeholders of the superchain and enumerates their rights
      • For example, covers preventing censorship of users
    • If ratified, it’s an addition to the working constitution of the collective
    • We are moving from governing a single chain (OP mainnet) to governing a standard (the OP stack) on which all of these chains in the “Superchain” will follow
    • This is a long term document meant to survive for many years
  • Q & A
    • Why isn’t governance mentioned (token/citizen house)?
      • The document defines the relationship between governance as a whole and stakeholders
    • Are existing partners (Base/Zora) bought in?
      • yes and they are excited about it!
    • Does this include chains that are forking current OP stack codebase?
      • OP stack will still be open source and available to fork but this is specifically a higher open standard for chains to be a part of the Superchain
        • This includes upgrades voted on by the OP Collective
    • What upgrades/params will be chosen by governance vs by the chains themselves?
      • Specifics will continue to be fleshed out, but some settings (chain profit margin, the specific sequencing seem) will be available to be parameterized by chain governance.
    • How will new chains be represented in governance?
      • This is an ongoing discussion, however this happens will be transparent and approved by governance
    • The security model should be homogenous across all chains in the Superchain. Users should be able to move from chain to chain without worrying about changing security surfaces.
    • Will we have a chain house?
      • For now, probably not, it adds much more complexity. However token house (economic) is a probably a good fit.
    • Native bridges will be the same for all the chains
    • What are the social contracts for delegates that need to be updated in order to manage new chains?
    • Very important that governance has the least complexity possible, and we should do everything we can to shift governance into programatic/algorithmic protections.
  • Next call we will be diving deeper into the future of governance as outlined by this blog post! The Future of Optimism Governance — The Optimism Collective

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Awesome :clap: call :iphone:!!! So much to digest.


great call that’s giving some good additional context to the Law of Chains.
also awesome that Base and Zora have committed to the Superchain.

remark regarding the announced time of the call: I’m in Europe and made the mind gymnastics to add one hour to CET because we’re still in daylight saving time. so essentially, I was one hour late. but it might be just me :wink: