[FINAL] Facilitate and empower community members to actively engage in governance through an educational course

I am torn here. As someone who helps lead a governance team looking for new members, I understand the value of a resource that makes onboarding into governance easy. I really do believe that trying to figure out everything that goes into Optimism Governance is a headache, and this is a barrier to entry into participating. So I agree with the problem being targeted here.

I’m torn on the solution. Though I think goose-hunting through the forum to figure stuff out is a poor way to learn how governance works in Optimism, I’m also unsure of a course style. Full disclosure, I dislike courses. I much prefer something hands-on. I also think the only way to really onboard into governance is to get on the forum and ask questions. Also, Optimism governance policies change frequently. By the time this course gets finished it might be outdated within a month or two.

I’m leaning towards against. But I’ll check in with my co-lead to see if he has a different opinion. Also, if I am missing something please let me know. I’m open to being wrong here.

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