[FINAL] Economic Co-design of Gas Fees for the OP Stack

Thanks for jumping in @Griff


That makes me so happy that you actually played around with the dashboard back in the day (2021, lol).

Just to reiterate what Griff mentioned, we have removed a lot of scope from the grand vision and we will push that development to later Seasons. 190k OP might be 1/4 million today, but as mentioned we are building the thing and having to hold and hope that OP has enough value to cover our expenses, well after we’ve had to fork out the costs to build.

Posts like these are far too frequent in any community:

While the ideas in principle might be good, there isn’t a clean way to actually figure out the practical details of a high impact, technical decision without taking months of squabbling and a myriad of yes/no votes. The alternative is that the core team makes the decision and by doing so we take a step further away from decentralization.

I know you’re no stranger to token engineering, we’re really stoked to create a process that permits holistic token engineering process to take place so that we can ensure OP has great value with great utility well into the future. The only way I think we’ll get there is to have collaborative, iterative processes like the one you experienced with the TEC Commons Config.

Even as @bobby mentioned if there isn’t a direct way to do it right now I think this will open up a lot of doors and engage the entire community in incredible ways.


We took your feedback and discussed, we’ve lowered the request OP to 170k, down from 190k, I’ve made the changes to the original proposal above.

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