Retro Funding 4: Onchain Builder - Application Guidelines

About Retro Funding Round 4

Retroactive Public Goods Funding (Retro Funding) Round 4 will allocate 10m OP tokens to reward onchain builders who have deployed contracts to the Superchain and contributed to the success of Optimism. This round seeks to expand the reach and impact of the network by rewarding those building across the Superchain who have increased demand for blockspace and driven value to the Collective.

Builders are eligible who have:

  • Deployed their onchain contracts on one or multiple of the following OP chains: OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Mode, Frax and Metal, and meet the following criteria:
    • Onchain contracts have interactions from 420 unique addresses during Jan 1st - May 1st 2024
    • Onchain contracts had their first transaction before April 1st 2024
    • Onchain contract had more than 10 days of activity during Jan 1st - May 1st 2024
  • Verified their onchain contracts in the Retro Funding sign up process
  • Made their contract code available in a public Github repo, for which ownership has been verified in the Retro Funding sign up process
  • Confirmed that they will comply with Optimism Foundation KYC requirements and are not residing in a sanctioned country
  • Submitted a Retro Funding application before June 6th, 2024 and comply with application rules

Note: In an effort to make voting in this round as objective as possible, your project’s code and contracts will be analyzed using impact metrics. Citizen badgeholders will vote on the metrics that matter most to them, not on individual projects.

Please read the Retro Funding Application rules

Badgeholders will review applications that are reported for violating the rules and may decide to remove your project from being eligible in Retro Funding Round 4.
1. Promises of future impact - promises of future deliverables or impact are not allowed.
2. False statements & deception - false claims about your contributions, past impact or funding & grants are not allowed.
3. Hateful Content - No racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful speech, no discrimination.
4. Deceiving badgeholders - Malicious content that could cause harm or unintended consequences to users.
5. Fraud & Impersonation - Claiming to be a brand or person you are not. The Grant owner must be directly affiliated with the project, the funds must go to the project.
6. Advertising - Using Retro Funding applications to showcase something you are selling like a token sale or NFT drop
7. Bribery - Bribing badgeholders or vote buying is strictly forbidden.
8. Contacting badgeholders to promote your application - Using private channels such as DMs to promote your applications to badgeholders
9. All recipients are subject to KYC - If you do not pass KYC, your grant will be returned to the Retro Funding treasury for future rounds
10. Outside of Retro Funding’s scope - contributions that do not have a clear relationship to the Optimism Collective or Superchain, applications that do not highlight a valid contribution, or contributions which are outside of the the Onchain Builders Retro Funding scope.
11. Spam - Applications containing spam, such as irrelevant answers, plagiarized content, broken or unrelated impact metrics and contribution links. Applications in languages other than English*.
11.1 *This will help simplify the process as this is the working language of the majority of Badgeholders. Please ensure you translate any content that’s part of the application.
12. Duplicate applications - Multiple applications from the same individual, project or group which apply for the same impact.
12.1 Members of contribution paths (Council Members, Ambassadors, NumbaNERDs, SupNERDs, TechNERDs, Translators) or Councils can’t submit individual applications for their work within the relevant workstream, as each workstream will apply as a project.

During the application sign-up process, you’ll be asked to:

  • Verify your onchain contracts
  • Make your contract code available in a public Github repo, for which ownership has been verified
  • Confirm that you will comply with Optimism Foundation KYC requirements and are not residing in a sanctioned country
  • Report your past Grants & Funding received since Jan 1st, 2023.
  • Submit your Retro Funding application before June 6th, 2024 and comply with application rules


When will grant disbursements happen?

Retro Funding 4 will conclude in July 2024, following KYC approval, tokens will be streamed to you over 100 days via Superfluid.

Where can I ask questions?

You can ask questions in the Optimism Discord in the #retrofunding-discussion channel.

What happens if my application violates the Application Rules?

If badgeholders find that you violate the Application Rules listed above, your project will be disqualified from participating in this round of Retro Funding. You will be able to apply again for future rounds.

Where can I nominate projects?

Theres no nominations process in this round, instead projects sign-up directly. So remind your favourite projects to apply!

Why do I need Farcaster to sign up for Retro Funding?

You will need Farcaster account to sign up for Round 4, if you don’t already have a Farcaster account, you’ll need to make one. Your Farcaster account isn’t just a sign-in method for Round 4, it’s also your Optimist Profile and will be used for future Retro Funding applications and other interactions with the Optimism Collective.

The easiest way to sign up for a Farcaster account is via the [Warpcast]( app, which acts as a wallet to easily manage the keys of the newly created account. Upon sign-up, Warpcast currently charges a $7 fee to rent storage on the network. As a decentralized social network, Farcaster content is not stored on centrally controlled servers, but rather in Hubs, which are a [distributed network of servers]( Each unit of storage buys 5000 casts, 2500 reactions and 2500 follows. For those who prefer to register a Farcaster account via contracts directly, this can be done via the [ID Registry Contract]( Storage can be rented via the [Storage Registry Contract]( There are alternative Farcaster clients beyond Warpcast that also support account creation and storage renting.
Can I apply with two different projects?

Yes, one person can apply to two different projects, so long as there is no overlap in the work. You will need to complete the sign-up flow twice.

Does my project need to be on OP Mainnet?

No! Retro Funding is expanding to support the Superchain! If you’ve deployed contracts on the following OP chains, and meet the other critera, you’re eligible for Retro Funding 4: OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Mode, Frax and Metal.

Are Superchain projects (e.g. deployed on Base or Zora) eligible?

Yes, all projects that provide impact to the Optimism Collective (which includes the Superchain) are eligible! These specific chains are eligible for Round 4: OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Mode, Frax and Metal.

Can individuals apply or just projects?

Individuals are also welcome to apply! As long as you’ve deployed contracts that meet the application criteria.

Can artists get accepted for Retro Funding?

Yes! So long as the artists deployed their own contracts on one of the qualifying OP Chains and meet the application criteria.

Can a team that has gotten a grants council grant, partner fund grant, mission grant get Retro Funding?

Yes! As long as you’ve deployed your contracts on one of the qualifying OP Chains and meet the application criteria.