Delegate Resignation Process

Delegation Resignation Process

Delegates play a critical role in the development and ongoing operations of the Collective. It’s a very important role and we know it’s not easy. Optimism delegates are asked to continuously experiment and constantly iterate; it’s never easy to be the first to do something and delegates do it everyday.

While the Collective depends on a community of high context, highly engaged delegates, we also understand the realities of part-time contribution and the demands of outside commitments. Part of designing a system resilient to churn, is having a well-defined resignation process that allows delegates to take a step back from their commitment, whether short term or long term, with as little disruption to the rest of the Collective as possible.

Of course, our preference is for all contributors to remain within the Collective in one capacity or another, and delegates that need to step away temporarily are always welcome back :red_circle::sparkles:

Token House Resignation Process

Delegates resigning for any period of time should communicate their resignation in a delegate communication thread. It is suggested this post include:

  • Resignation period (whether short term or long term)
  • Reason for resignation
  • Any plans to remain active in the Collective in a different capacity
  • Please tag @lavande, from the Optimism Foundation, and @zcf, from Agora, so we’re aware of your resignation

If you’re a large delegate, whose inactive voting power might block quorum, please encourage your delegators to redelegate their tokens while you’re away. You may suggest a specific delegate(s) towards which your delegators should consider redelegating.

Advanced delegation allows a delegate to pass-through their delegation to another delegate and would be an ideal feature to utilize in the case of short-term absences. However, while Agora has begun rolling out advanced delegation to select delegates, this feature only works on a go-forward basis and, therefore, isn’t applicable for delegations made before the feature was enabled. Broader roll-out and retroactive applicability of advanced delegation would be subject to a one-time upgrade to the token contract, which comes with serious considerations.

We recommend sharing long-term resignation plans on additional platforms such as Farcaster or in the #gov-general or #delegate-discussion channel in Discord to broaden the audience aware of your long-term resignation. Please also tag @kent @zcf and/or @yitong from Agora in your resignation notice so that we may adjust your delegate profile to reflect your long-term resignation and reduce the probability you receive new delegations after you’ve resigned.

If you hold an elected or appointed position in the Collective, you’ll need to appoint a replacement and communicate this change on the forum at least 7 days prior to this change taking effect. Full details around resigning as a representative can be found in the Collective Representative Structure Framework.

More information on the resignation process for Citizens will be provided before the start of Season 6.


GM thanks for initiating this @maxwell. Please let us know so we can help here :slight_smile:


This is a very important process for informed and engaged community members for their involvement in the collect. Appreciate this.

Its crucial for an engaged community member to have he know how on the latest list of delegates to ensure they redelegate to the most involved delegate if he/ she has the information on resignations.

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