MrCrypto Arabic Delegate Communication Thread

Hello all!

We’re thrilled to initiate this dialogue as Delegates within Optimism’s Governance framework. The opportunity to join this collective effort and play a role in shaping impactful decisions fills us with enthusiasm.

Within my Delegate Statement, I delve into the nuances of my experience and motivations for engaging with the governance of Optimism. My decision to serve as a delegate is deeply anchored in my conviction that decentralization and effective governance are catalysts for beneficial transformations. This belief is further fueled by my profound dedication to public goods, making a difference, and fostering innovation within the ecosystem.

Even though I’m at the beginning of my path as a delegate ( started last year ), I am committed to ensuring that the principles and values which have steered me to this point are evident in my decisions and forthcoming dialogues.

This communication channel will serve not just as a platform for announcing my voting choices but also as a space for delving into and debating the rationale behind these decisions. My aim is to make this journey transparent, inviting you to engage with and contribute to our discussions actively.

I eagerly anticipate engaging in meaningful conversations and collaborating with each of you throughout this inspiring journey!

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