Could Chones be beneficial for Optimism?

For organizations with principles, who want to attract attention to their brand, but would rather die than succumb to surveillance and manipulation marketing, Chones discovers and facilitates mutually beneficial collaborations across communities to amplify your message, so your voice is heard.

Please see Chones, Strategic Ecosystem Weavers, for examples of our impact.


It’s about where we give our attention and how we savor time.

With a finite number of hours in a lifetime, we give our attention only to the finest chones. Thus, those who want to share a message are confronted with the challenge to respect the valuable attention of the receiver.

By curating knowledge sharing, attention is attracted to messaging with the most mutually beneficial outcome. Attention is saved as the tasks to facilitate and coordinate chones are completed with minimal participation overall.

As we support and rely on chones, over time, the success of our missions, the longevity of our most valuable creations, and the relevance of our cultures have a higher chance of increasing, because each mutually beneficial collaboration harvests time for the future.


Build Relationships

Understand communications and community strategies

  • Meet with members as needed
  • Attend community calls and/or events to get a sense of the culture and mission
  • Research the organization, including docs, blogs, discord, discourse and other channels
  • Maintain documentation, describing what the organization wants to convey and who they want to reach

Collect Information

Regularly collect information in many curated channels

  • Choose channels to focus on, based on what content, information and participants are present
  • Participate in these channels to be of benefit, provide value and earn trust
  • Maintain relationships in these channels to allow for open communications
  • Regularly visit channels to collect information about events and announcements

Find Collaborations

Curate collaborations across organizations

  • Look through collected information from channels and find ways to provide value
  • Compare these ways to add value with other communities and organizations in the network
  • Discover how the ways to add value in the channels also adds value to communities in Chones network.

Find alignments

Collect sentiment until alignment is reached

  • Reach out to individuals who are able to act on behalf of their organization in specific circumstances, or are willing to champion initiatives within their communities
  • Over time, correspond with these individuals in many direct messages and group chats

Coordinate actions

Facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations across organizations

  • Complete tasks to bring collaborations to their best outcomes
    • For example: create shared calendar events, create supporting content, like tweet drafts or panel questions, and draft DAO proposals.
  • Provide support for a successful experience for everyone involved

Member Access

Access to Chones network and resources

  • Support relationships between members
  • Curated Knowledge Sharing
    • Events
    • Network Directory information
    • Relevant Content

Action Plan

Chones will continue to attend regular Optimism calls and be present in Optimism channels, with the intention of staying up to date with current messaging and activity.

Chones is also present in communities throughout the network, including LexDAO, DAOStar, The DAOist, MetaCartel, DAOESCO, Giveth, Pizza DAO, Raid Brood, wgmi and more.

Chones will discover and facilitate ways to strengthen and grow the Optimism Ecosystem, by supporting projects on, or moving onto, Optimism, especially when aligned with current focuses.

Chones will discover and facilitate ways to bring Optimism messaging to broader audiences, as well as to friends, reinforcing ties towards a shared mission.

Due to the spontaneous nature of community and communications activity in DAOs, Chones is better able to prepare to respond quickly, by building relationships and collecting information, and only minimally able to plan ahead.


This proposal is a request to explore an Optimism and Chones relationship, so it’s easier for all of us, throughout the Web3 ecosytem, to support each other.

Due to Optimism funding cycles protocol, this proposal is currently not requesting tokens.

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