Costa Rica OP DAY

OPtimism Governance Day: Spreading Optimism in Costa Rica

February 15th, 2024 marked a special day for the Optimism community in Costa Rica, as InBest hosted our first ever OP Day event. The event, themed around love and friendship in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, was a huge success, with over 50 attendees eager to learn more about Optimism and its potential to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem.

Objectives and Significance

The primary goal of the OP Day event was to spread awareness and adoption of Optimism technology in Costa Rica. We wanted to introduce the community to Optimism’s unique features, such as its fast and low-cost transactions, and its robust governance model.

This event was particularly significant because it marked several important milestones:

  • First OP Day event in Costa Rica: This event set a precedent for future OP-related gatherings in the country, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among enthusiasts.
  • Launch of Inbest as an Optimism Governance Delegate: Inbest, a key player in the Costa Rican blockchain scene, officially assumed the role of an Optimism Governance Delegate, further strengthening the country’s representation in the Optimism ecosystem.
  • Introduced the community to OP Governance and Gov Forum:
  • Project Launches on Optimism: The event showcased two exciting projects that are deploying on Optimism:
    • CheckMyTicket: A ticketing platform that leverages NFTs to create a unique and secure experience. The event’s tickets were the first step for this project on Optimism, and Roberto, the project’s lead, shared his vision and experiences with the audience.
  • Contract: 0xb88239464D489F928d71edb7872E997558006AAC

    • CriptoCantina: An initiative by Asoblockchain that brings together blockchain enthusiasts in Costa Rica. The OP Day event was organized in collaboration with CriptoCantina, allowing us to present the Optimism ecosystem to its members, they have been hosting blockchain events in costa rica for years

Event Highlights

The event featured a lineup of engaging speakers, each sharing their insights and expertise on various aspects of Optimism:

  • Karla, Luis, Gonzalo, and Roxana: Members of the CriptoCantina community who played a crucial role in organizing the event.
  • Alfredo: A developer transitioning from Web2 to Web3 and helping others make the same move. He presented on the opportunities and jobs available in Web3, emphasizing the importance of hackathons.
  • Daniel: A full-time Web3 developer with extensive experience. He shared his experiences as a digital nomad, his participation in hackathons, and the importance of open-source code.
  • Ana: Superpuesta, a traditional artist that is on her journey of migrating to the blockchain digital art, and a participant on the WELOVETHEART❤️ she attended our event and talked about her experience with others.


The OP Day event was designed with a “learn-to-earn” approach in mind, incentivizing attendees to actively engage and learn about Optimism. Here’s how it worked:

  1. Attendees had to possess the event’s NFT ticket.
  2. They validated their attendance by scanning their NFT with the CheckMyTicket app.
  3. Throughout the presentations, attendees were encouraged to prepare for a game at the end.
  4. Questions about Optimism were written on red hearts, and attendees randomly selected a heart.
  5. If they answered the question correctly, they wrote their name on the heart and placed it in a raffle box.
  6. The more questions answered correctly, the more entries in the raffle box.
  7. A winner was randomly selected - congratulations to Julieth! (proof of payment: 0x6946769f332a5fda88114edc02ca90c7f49520e228cfceba73aa9a6991f97651)

Event Resources

OP Day Retrospective

The OP Day event was a resounding success, achieving its objectives of promoting Optimism and fostering community growth. Here’s a brief overview of the event’s outcomes:

  • Date: Thursday, February 15th
  • Attendees: ~50 people
  • Venue Size: Small
  • Marketing: 1 Instagram Reel and manual promotion

Key Learnings and Looking Ahead:

  • PD: thanks to this event we got invited to an OnlyDust meeting and we will talk about Optimism Grants and web3 opportunities for devs on the OP Ecosistem.

The OP Day served as a valuable test run for future events. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Enhanced Marketing Strategy: We’ll develop a more in-depth marketing campaign for the next event. This will include at least 3 videos released weeks in advance, focusing on both Instagram and LinkedIn to target new users. While Twitter is great for existing users, these other platforms will help us reach a wider audience.
  • Wallet Education: Not all attendees minted NFTs using their own crypto wallets. We’ll incorporate educational resources to encourage attendees to create their own wallets and become more comfortable navigating the Web3 space.
  • NFT Interaction: Only 10 Confirmed NFTs were minted (team and organizers excluded) this means that from all 50 attendees, only 10 actually were able to or felt motivated enough to go trough the whole process of claiming the NFT, scanning it to validate it and then getting the confirmed optimist NFT. Thats a 20%
  • Learn to Earn Success: The “Learn to Earn” format proved highly successful in making the event engaging and interactive. We’ll continue to utilize this approach in future events.
  • Tailored Content: This event catered to both users and builders with a broad introduction to the Optimism ecosystem. To delve deeper into specific aspects, we might consider separating content for future events or introducing a two-phase structure. This would allow us to focus on user-friendly content initially, followed by more technical topics. The goal is to ensure all attendees, regardless of experience level, can gain valuable insights.
  • TOP 100 delegate: To significantly enhance the quality and information we deliver at our events, we’d greatly benefit from insights and support from a leading delegate or someone passionate about contributing and making an impact.

OP Grants and Mission Requests are relatively new concepts, and the ever-evolving OP Governance structure with new councils and positions can be challenging to navigate. The expertise of an experienced delegate would provide invaluable clarity and education for our community.

With these learnings in mind, if we managed to achieve this with just one promo video posted 5 days before the event and by manual invitation, we’re aiming for an attendance of over 100 people and a larger venue for the next OP Day! Stay tuned, Costa Rica! ️

  • The Optimism ecosystem is rapidly growing, with a diverse range of dApps and projects.
  • There are numerous opportunities for developers and enthusiasts to get involved in the Optimism ecosystem.

Moving Forward

The OP Day event has laid the foundation for a thriving Optimism community in Costa Rica. We are excited to build on this momentum and continue spreading awareness and adoption of Optimism technology. We encourage everyone interested in Optimism to join our community and contribute to its growth with knowledge and information.

Special Thanks

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the OP Day event and a special thanks to CryptoCosi (MariFer), part of the InBest team, was responsible for all the decorations, stickers, and hearts for the game and learn-to-earn activities.


Thank you so much for the invitation to the OP Day. It was an honor to collaborate, and of course, the decoration was a complete success!!!


Gracias por todo el apoyo! <3


Thank you for your support!!! <3

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Gracias a Alberto y a todos los organizadores y speakers del evento, estuvo genial y aprendi bastante cosas nuevas acerca de Optimism y Web3… 100% recomendado!

Thank you Alberto and all the organizers & speakers. It was a great event where i learned so many new things about Optimism and Web3… 100% recommended


Luis! I see that you followed the steps and created your account! Thank you for your support that day and let’s wait for the next event or have, either remotely or digitally, the presence of a member of Citizen House to guide us even more in these topics!

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Great event! @InbestProgram
As mentioned in the post, the tickets for the events in CheckMyTicket are NFTs issued through our platform. (Event Details). Lets keep working together for the next OP Day!
You can see the NFTs minted for the events here:


Congratulations @InbestProgram for this great initiative and event in Costa Rica. I think these meetings are of great value for the communities and for more people to keep learning about the Optimism Collective.

I encourage you to continue on this path, educating about the Optimistic Vision in more places. Whatever you need, you have my support.


hey hey, thank you rob for you support, i know for sure this was a great experience for everyone! big shoutout to checkmyticket for deploying on OP for this event which is just the first of more to come!

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It was an amazing event, súper organizated and structurated.
It was funny too and i learn a lot.
Thank you Alberto!


Thank You Pumbi! :+1: thanks for the support and encouragement! it is very motivating that our work is getting noticed and actually, there is something we would love your support with!! we are organizing a workshop for the local projects here to participate on the mission request grants! it would be amazing if you can join us on that workshop and give us some feedback and guidance on the grant application process. ill organize everything but we do need someone with more experience to level it up. this workshop is expected to last 1 hour, let me know if you can and we will do it when you are available, we were aiming for this week or the beginning of next week since the second round is about to open, so. we can give people enough time to apply properly

There is currently 4 projects that i now for sure are going to attend and benefit from this workshops, and it will also be open to the public, it will be a meeting that anyone can join , and i will promote it on the communities here in costa rica to let people now everything they need to about OP Grants and maximize the reach of the workshop.

Theres no much information about this topics in Spanish and theres a few workshops like this but they aren’t open to the public, i tried joining one that took place this Monday, but i wasn’t accepted, so we have come together with this open to the public workshop, not just for the CR Communities but for everyone that wants to learn about governance and funding. The idea here is to give information to anyone that wants to create a positive impact on the OP collective.

Thank for offering your help, it makes the difference. if anyone want to participate as well or get involved, do not hesitate to reach out or comment below!


I would attend the event for sure!
Is it really necessary that someone that knows how the grants process works on Optimism guide the rest of the projects on their applications. The Mission Requests, Intents, Token House, Delegates. These are all terms I have had to learn overtime on my own and following the right people on twitter. But with the right guidance, every project should be able to understand how to apply.


Let’s do it! Count me in.

Please send me a DM on Telegram or Twitter to arrange the details :raised_hands:t2:


We had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks @InbestProgram for organizing and letting us be part of this!


I’d love to participate as well. Let me know how I can help!


lets do it!! sent you a friend request on discord :handshake:

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nice to see you here alfredo! thank you for spreading your knowledge, the event wouldnt have been posible without the help of all the assistants. :clap:

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great, im interested in that also! thanks


Awesome event @InbestProgram! Very valuable indeed to begin onboarding the broader web2 audience. Lets keep the ball rolling!

Thanks again for the space to share my experiences as a Web3 developer and the opportunities that exist for those that put in the work.


OPDay #2: Deep Dive into Optimism Governance

A Successful Second Edition Focused on Advanced Topics

We’re thrilled to announce the success of OPDay #2, a virtual event focusing on advanced governance topics within the Optimism ecosystem. This event built upon the momentum of our previous event, offering a deeper dive specifically for builders interested in Optimism Missions.

Special Guest and Workshop Format

We were honored to have @Pumbi, a valuable volunteer, guide us through the intricacies of the Optimism governance model, mission grants, and the Recursive Public Goods Fund (RPGF).

The 90-minute session was divided into two parts:

  • Presentation (30 minutes): Pumbi delivered a comprehensive presentation on the theoretical foundations of Optimism governance, mission grants, and the RPGF.
  • Interactive Workshop (60 minutes): In an open mic format, Pumbi shared their screen and walked participants through the application process for mission grants. Attendees actively engaged with questions and discussions.

Event Outcomes and Impact

The positive feedback we received indicates that OPDay #2 was a valuable resource for participants. It provided an opportunity to leverage the recently opened second round of mission grants by equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills to submit strong applications.

The event recording is currently being edited and will be published shortly to further extend the reach of the shared information. Additionally, Pumbi’s presentation is publicly available for reference:

Link to Presentation:

Continued Innovation with CheckMyTicket

We continued exploring the virtual event functionality of CheckMyTicket for OPDay #2. The platform performed well, with @robertram demonstrating exceptional responsiveness in addressing minor issues. Following the successful implementation of NFT minting for event access, attendees received a “join meeting” button on the website at the designated event time.

OPDay #2 NFT Details

Retrospective and Next Steps

While time constraints limited extensive promotion for OPDay #2 due to the recently opened mission grant round, we effectively disseminated the information within our communities and through targeted tweets. We acknowledge that the event attracted approximately 15 attendees, with 8 actively participating throughout the workshop (a 60% retention rate).

Looking forward, we’re committed to continuous improvement. By refining our marketing strategies and addressing the identified minor technical issues, we’re confident that future virtual events will achieve even greater success.

pd: Expect an update soon about the physical event in collaboration with CENFOTEC University in Costa Rica, we were invited to participate and covered the optimism ecosystem and governance, further expanding the reach of Optimism-related discussions with around 100 devs. Big Thanks to @beja for all the event organization, will be posting the event recap soon!