OP Bulletin: February 22nd 📰 - weekly news and insights on the Optimism Collective

Introducing the OP Bulletin, an initiative to provide the Optimism community with concise weekly summaries of significant events in the Optimism Collective.

TL;DR - top 4 of the week

  • Drop #4 is here
  • Protocol Upgrade #4 succeeded
  • Discussions on Upgrades #5 and #6
  • Mission Requests submission period ended

:raising_hand_woman: Introduction

Who am I? My name is Eugenia, I write and research for @web3citizenxyz as a core contributor.

Web3 Citizen is a community-driven open-source project aimed at simplifying the Web3 Ecosystem. We have worked on The State of DAOs, Grants Pathfinder, and our weekly Governance Highlights.

Our newest initiatives, the OP Hub and the OP Bulletin, aim to simplify Optimism’s governance and bring more informed contributions to the Optimism community.

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News

Drop #4 is here!

Optimism has announced its fourth airdrop, distributing 10,343,757.81 OP tokens to 22,998 unique addresses to celebrate artists and creators. This airdrop marks Optimism’s first across the Superchain and recognizes their vital role in shaping the Optimism Collective.

Read about the eligibility criteria

:newspaper: Governance News & discussions

Protocol Upgrade #4 was approved

Protocol Upgrade #4 has been officially approved following the conclusion of the veto vote yesterday. Having successfully passed the Token House vote in Voting Cycle #18, the Protocol Upgrade #4 Proposal proceeded through the Citizens’ House vote without encountering any veto votes.

Discussions on Upgrade #5: Ecotone network upgrade

Voting Cycle #19 includes Upgrade Proposal #5.

This proposal introduces EIP-4844 blobs for data availability and activates Dencun L1 extensions, aiming to reduce transaction fees by up to ~80x through increased data availability capacity and core improvements to the OP stack.

The upgrade, scheduled for March 14th, requires approval from four of the Top 100 Delegates to proceed to voting.

Read the full proposal.

Discussions on Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1

Voting Cycle #19 includes Upgrade Proposal #6.

The protocol upgrade proposed by OP Labs enhances the Superchain’s security and upgradeability by facilitating atomic, cross-chain upgrades of L1 contracts, simplifying deployment and streamlining the upgrade process. The upgrade involves moving chain-specific deployment configuration into smart contract state and extending the SystemConfig to enhance developer experience.

This proposal also requires approval from four of the Top 100 Delegates to proceed to voting.

Read the full proposal.

:dollar: Grant News

Mission Requests: Round 1 Submission Period has ended

Submissions Period for Round 1 of the Mission Requests ended yesterday with 314 applications.

Published proposals will continue to be evaluated by the Grants Council until the end of the review period on March 13th. Before moving on to the Decision Period, the Council will post the Grant Review Roundup, a list of proposals that are being reviewed during the Decision Period.

If you miss this first Round, there will be a second Round open on March 13th!

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

No active proposals at the moment.

:spiral_calendar: Upcoming Calls

  • Grants Council Office Hours [Monday, February 26th]
  • Joint HouseCommunity call will be [Tuesday, February 27th]
  • Anti Capture Commission office hours [Thursday, February 29th]

You can add Optimism governance calls to your calendar here.

:red_circle::sparkles: Optimism Collective Resources

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:saluting_face: Stay Connected, Stay Informed

OP Bulletin is space to learn and stay informed about governance discussions, events and upcoming initiatives within the Optimism Collective.

Every week, we provide you with the tools to bring informed contributions to the Collective.

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