Concerns of double reporting from Filosofia Codigo and Randomness Ceremony applications in RPGF3

TL/DR: Filosofia Codigo and Randomness Ceremony applicants seem to both be reporting the same meetups organized in representation of Ethereum San Pedro Sula as impact.

  • POAPs included in the Randomness Ceremony application are all branded as Ethereum San Pedro Sula.

  • POAPs links point to the Ethereum San Pedro Sula twitter where photos of these events are represented as Ethereum San Pedro Sula events.

  • Both applicants include the same contracts.

  • Both participants are at the same events in representation of Ethereum San Pedro Sula

  • The Dapp is solely used for this purpose

This leads me to believe the both applicants participated in Ethereum San Pedro Sula events and report the same impact from those events as individual RPGF3 applications.

Maybe I am failing to see how Randomness Ceremony is a standalone project being that it doesn’t have a dedicated twitter or website and is only promoted as an ongoing Ethereum SPS event. The fact that both of these applicants are also core team members of Ethereum SPS is one of the reasons why this raises concerns for me.

Question 1: Anyone that participates in a community event can individually apply for RPGF claiming the impact created at that event?

Questions 1.a: If yes, how far does it go? Can people tweeting about it also apply under the argument that they created value for an event that had alleged impact on Optimism? Can the venue apply for hosting an event that had impact on Optimism?

Question2: Should these two impact claims been a better fit as a single application as Ethereum San Pedro Sula (being that it’s the only place to mention it) to avoid these concerns?

Question 3: Could this confusion have been avoided by making an effort to name the dapp something other than the alleged standalone project applying outside of the umbrella of Ethereum San Pedro Sula?

It’s important to consider these questions because this means many others can use this same strategy to apply.


Unfortunately, many projects apply to RetroPGF and as many separate projects or idividuals (creating multi-accounts). Which unfortunately increased the number of projects applying for RetroPGF and which unfortunately can result in misleading Badgeholders who had too short a period of time for a detailed verification of so many projects. Here is an example of “Bankless”;

btw. good investigation @Carlosjmelgar


This sets up an interesting set of questions for discussion. I’ve said this elsewhere, but part of what would be helpful would be to index all bits of value that have been provided to see what might be referenced by several applications.

Got to think about it a bit but in for this particular case, are there any badgeholders in related orgs who can help offer context to this?

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I’d like to bring this thread to a close with a few tips for @sucito. My concerns for double reporting were specified above. They specifically relate to this only existing under the EthereumSPS brand and no effort made to make this an independent endeavor - even after this thread was created. No ENS, twitter, website, etc… You might want to use randomceremony for twitter to meet character limits.

I would love to help you take first steps in accomplishing this by gifting you randomnessceremony.eth. I’ve done the same for greenpill.eth, superchaineco.eth, ethkipu.eth, celebs, influencers, and athletes so happy to get this to you. Please let me know what’s the best addy to send to.

The twitter handle, and URLs are also available for you to claim. This is something I can see scaling to many cities and resulting in fun and meaningful adoption through NFTs.

I have been critical of @EthereumHN for their inability to help community members create their own projects and create meaningful ethereum adoption in the country, so this actually a great step toward progress if it really does spin off.

The criticism is uncomfortable to deal with, but it has resulted in increased efforts and improved quality of work since voicing my concerns about the work done throughout 2021 and 2022. Looking forward to seeing continued growth in Honduras.

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