Clarifying Bankless Academy's individual application

@Tetranome I think that for me there is a clear difference between Bankless hq (which is what I know of the Bankless project from YouTube) and Bankless DAO since we have received clarification from both parties that they are currently two different and independent projects. It follows that Bankless hq has not applied for RetroPGF so we should not mention them here any more.

BUT I think that we should focus on those who have applied for RetroPGF 3 and it should be explained what is the relation of Bankles DAO with ;

  • Nacion Bankless ,
  • Bankless Academy ,
  • Bankless Publishing ,
  • Banklessadria ,
  • Bankless Africa ,
  • Bankless Bengali ,
  • Bankless Japan ,
  • Bankless UA ,
  • Bankless Malayalam ,
  • Bankless DAO Magyar ( Hungarian ) ,
  • BanklessDAO Turkish
    Which all (12) individually applied for RetroPGF (including Bankless DAO)