Regarding tokenized art, local cultural impact and RPGF4

Hello OP Collective, first time making a topic in here.
This is the user known as Bulls here writing, artist and founder of, and in representation of the project NewtroArts (2022 - present, localized in Argentina), a collective of w3b artists and cultural managers from Latin America having a blast at the Superchain!

To give a bit more of context (being this our first time here posting) i’ll mention that we were
RPGF3 winners. An impactful event for our project, that changed it all! <3 <3 <3

Trying to be short and not steal a lot of everyone’s time, what brought me here is reading
this topic : Upcoming Retro rounds and their design - #5 by joanbp

Having experienced RPGF3 as a participant project, i find a lot of smart decitions and improvements <3. For instance making narrower rounds, or the experiments on new ways of measuring true impact.

Having said that, and this is the other reason that brings me here, i must say I’m a bit sad
for the fact that with the recent changes at the “Builder’s round” , (where education and onboarding is now a bit left aside, and redirected to the Token House Mission) now our project, Newtro, can’t apply to RPGF.

Despite the fact we truly understand that sometimes measuring this kind of projects can be tricky
(there are a lot of fakes, and scams and whatnot) at the same time, there are good number of
important projects, legit and deeply recognized by the users who are impacted by them.
I think Newtro is one of them (but don’t worry, this is not us claiming to be included in the round, we just want to raise the alarm on some topics for future improvement!)

Our work at educating, onboarding, and producing alongside artists with whom we can create
true palpable local impact, has been lovingly recognized at RPGF3 (with a big margin in the votes,
and 20k OP as a grant); highlighting our impact at the Zora blockchain, where we drove a significant
number of artists (more than a 100 since mid 2023, and growing each trimester), generating a lot of true and organic activity at the chain. This was the direct result of our “Arts & W3b” free workshop for artists’ onboarding to the blockchain. We can say the same for the Farcaster ecosystem, and Base in a tangent way.

Thanks to RPGF3, some of the things we could make were:

  • A trip with 15 artists to La Pampa (Argentina) to the VuelaPelucas3000 festival
    hosted by Pamilo Ceirone (Argentinian artist who tokenizes his work) in December 2023, in order to participate at the event with projections, vjing and djing. It was a 3 day deeply moving days full of art and community.

You can check our summary of 2023 and this experience in this video at Zora:

  • An art residency at Epuyen (Chubut) in the Patagonian region of Argentina, in
    coproduction with the artists family of Bosquegracias. A 10+ days experience in February
    for 18 artists in the middle of the Patagonian forest <3. An epic collab that produced more than
    90 new NFTs minted in our collab collection at the Zora marketplace thanks to the experience of
    knowledge sharing and collaboration that the artists created among themselves.

  • Equipment acquiring such as cameras, microphones, computers, projector, screens among some smaller but still very needed and useful acquisitions related with events production and av production. Also, of course, merch!

  • Capacitation for team members in streaming services.

  • Our very first collective exhibition! Called “Estados Correlacionados” (Correlated States)
    Happening April 27th (Buenos Aires, Argentina) at Dvne Park, involving more than 130 artists.
    In coproduction with Refraction DAO and Sky Goodman, and thanks to the support of Zora, ENERGY DAO, and Optimism.
    This exhibition will be complemented with a 4-days artists coliving experience in a house that will host
    more than 30 participating artists (with 2 invited artists from Brazil). Hope to see you there!

  • Going from a fixed team of 8 to a team of 11 people working everyday at Newtro, pursuing
    true local cultural impact in the art world onchain and offchain, thanks to working side by side
    with the artists from the Newtro Collective (those who take the “Arts & W3b” workshop);
    covering the areas of social media, production, audiovisual production and devs.

  • Continue developing our own web at

  • Continue giving our “Arts and W3B” onboarding workshop for artists.

  • Consolidate our Collective Treasury (the treasure that belongs to the whole Collective of Artists of Newtro and is used in their benefit) thanks to Zora’s rewards system. This Collective treasury now generates around 1 ETH each month thanks to our collective creative power! <3.

And TBH, much more things that we keep on doing everyday.
You can check our linktree to dig deeper and be up to date for all the upcoming things in 2024.

Having said this, first i want to say “Thank you” for reading this far! Its also our intention to
start to spread the word about what’s going on in our tokenized art niche, so thanks again for reading!

We can say we are a testament of how to build a true, impactful cultural Arts & Web3 project in the blockchain, full of art, knowledge exchange, local impact and organic growth, producing true measurable impact not only for our project, but also artists and blockchains, in a thriving territory as Latin America is in the web3 world. With some shyness, i can proudly say that sometimes we heard the words “The Newtro model”, something that humbled but also excited us a lot.

Talks of being able to talk with other more recent artists’ Collectives to give a hand or advice,
or even share our knowledge with Mexican projects (!), ignited our flame and made us realize that soon, this is something we had to do. We take Culture and the promotion of arts and artists as serious as it is. And we are happy to share what we know. With the Artists Collectives, but also with whomever would find productive to hear us from the OP Collective.

But in order for this kind of projects (artists collectives trying to create onchain and offchain impact)
to thrive, as anyone else, we need financial support. We and our partners and sponsors know how hard we work, how much impact we conduct to the blockchain, off the chain, and how many artists lives we touch.

That’s why i wanted to raise a bit my voice, and hopefully bring to light some concerns that im sure
we are not the only ones experiencing, since the changes made at the Builder’s category of RPGF4.
We are more than willing to keep sharing abt our experience, its importance, and its needs.I must say that we are thankful for the “Token House Missions” but its hard to create something lasting, cohesive and truly impactful just by hosting events from time to time. Working for culture and art is an everyday job for us, which we as artists ourselves, do passionately and with the highest compromise.

So once again, thanks for reading, thanks for all the work the OP Collective is doing at so many levels
and finally. We open this space to talk about how we can make a better job in culture and arts and the blockchain and the role of RPGF and OP. Hope we can read from you in order to improve things all around <3

If you want to reach Newtro, or know more about it, you can check our linktree:

In case you would like to reach me personally, my DM’s are open:

PS: Sorry if you find any incorrection in my grammar (English is not my native tongue <3)


Yes! Wish all Opters a great weekend!