Available in multiple languages

Currently, all texts in the op are in English. You must use English to make suggestions or to talk to people. Of course, even if you don’t know English, you can use translation to carry out some activities. However, it will not be possible to use it as openly and actively as using the language of each country.

So, first of all, I want you to identify users and create various language channels in turn. Being able to discuss and converse in their own language will increase the amount of time people are active in this community. There will also be many more productive activities.

Second, we need translations of the posted articles. Not all texts need to be translated. The most important governance, and what users need to know about OP, please provide it in multiple languages. If so, users’ understanding will increase and affection towards the OP will increase.


Thanks for this post, this is an important issue for a decentralized and fair adoption: the language barrier.
In Discord, we have different language channels, and there are contributors who translate documentation, but this is not enough from my point of view.

The point is to promote active participation from anyone no matter their level of English. I don’t know how to do that, but automatic translators and volunteers can help. I would start with a babel channel.


An option to translate the governance information would be nice. I support this idea.


That’s a good idea. It’ll be easier to communicate.

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wait, can we make sub-language Category in the forum, maybe for translated governance information