App Approval, Onboarding, Interim Review, and Removal Process

Assumptions: There are no procedures, standards, or criteria for approving, onboarding, or removal of Applications to the OP Ecosystem. I have searched without finding any details outlining the process or requirements.

If the preceding assumptions are correct, I propose the OP Collective consider the following high-level requirements:

General Rules

  1. [Draft] Operating Manual - Add final procedures
  2. Listing requirements - approved by the OP Collective and published to application pages.
  3. App Approval - up/down vote by the OP Collective prior to listing.
  4. App Modifications - Notification by the App of changes, Github review, and technical approval before code is committed.
  5. Removal - publish to application pages the removal criteria, procedure, and appeal process for Apps deemed to provided β€œbad actor” services.
  6. App Removal - OP Collective up/down vote to remove an App deemed to have delivered β€œbad actor” services?
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