OP DAO and its relation to the token and the upcoming airdrop

Hi everyone, I have a few questions about the OP DAO and its relation to the token and the upcoming airdrop. I’m interested in participating in the OP DAO, but I don’t want to expose myself to the token’s volatility. So, I was thinking of taking the OP token, voting on proposals, and then selling the token. However, I’m concerned that I may not be eligible for the next airdrop if I do this.

My questions are: Is it possible to lock the token in the DAO and still maintain voting power? Also, how frequently does the OP DAO team take snapshots for airdrops?"

  1. You cannot maintain voting power if you sell OP tokens. I.e. The way you ‘lock in’ your voting power is to hodl the delegated tokens, and you can increase your voting power by buying more OP and delegating it to yourself or another delegate.
  2. As for the Snapshot timing, that’s a big mystery. And the timing/frequency is deliberately hidden so people don’t game any airdrops, e.g. buy lots of tokens just before a snapshot & then dump them afterwards. I.e. No one can tell you about the timing or frequency of snapshots, and if they claim they can then they are most likely trying to scam you.

Discourse says this is your first post:
Welcome! I’m just another community member and don’t have much voting power (I delegated to myself), but welcome to the ranks :slight_smile: The more people like you that come onboard and hang around, the better it is for Optimism. My suggestion: Keep up to date with the Forum here and post & reply, check out the Discord too, Vote on Proposals as frequently as possible (or keep up to date with your Delegate’s communications) …and try out as many apps in the ecosystem as you can, as many are far better and more enjoyable than originally imagined! EDIT: Overall, just get involved and participate, with the chain and the community!

Hope this reply helps, and look forward to talking to you again soon :smiley: