Proposal to amend OPerating Manual of the Optimism Collective (v0.1.2)

As the title says, this proposal is to amend OPerating Manual.

With respect to “Treasury Appropriations” , we have two statement in current OPerating manual.

  1. Here its clear that any proposal related to change must be submitted by an OP holder or their delegate.

  1. On the same page, we have this line stating that it will be initiated by OP Foundation.

I assume and it has been confirmed that OP Foundation also hold some token and hence, they can submit a proposal. Important to note is that, such proposal will come from only from them or to put this in different word, I cant submit such proposal even if I hold OP token.

What I am suggesting:-

instead of this “Proposals to be initiated by the Foundation”, we should change it to "Proposals must be initiated by the Foundation* "

  • Optimism Foundation hold few OP token which give them rights to submit such proposal. (of course word can be changed and paraphrased to give a clear message).

My reasoning:-

All though small change, its important to be precise as we look up to OPerating manual when in doubt and it acts as a pillar towards holding the constitutions.

Also, this is not just me, there is a another proposal (on different topic) and the author was pointing to this statement, I did try to explain but if manual is not clear, we cant have proper discussion.


Agreed, 100%, clear information on the Operating Manual is a must

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In favor of this, it is important that the information in the instruction manual is clear.

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Nothing wrong with making things more clear.

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