Airdrop #1 Feedback Thread

Good Topics bro, good one. Governance Token.

for the one who keep OP and the new user

Delegating ones own voting power should definitely be a criteria for future airdrops, at least to some extend after the implimentation of Agora.


I suggest a 2nd airdrop be given to those that are still holding ALL of their 1st airdrop tokens. This is way better than the tasks as this invites bounty hunters and not loyal holders.

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I think the approach to the airdrop is great. But for whatever its worth, under “priced out of ethereum” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

To onboard ecosystem-aligned actors who have proven their early dedication to Ethereum. :+1:
Validators are likely to partake in governance and node operations on L2 :+1: :grin:

although I did not receive a drop, I am very glad that you have introduced a new multiplier system for active users of the ecosystem :exploding_head: :grinning:

I propose to reward participants not for the money they have contributed to the protocol, but for actions so that more new users come to the ecosystem :star_struck: :yum:

Here is a scenario I think is too complicated. :smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Great idea to airdrop

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I am looking forward to the second airdrop.

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I’m new to OP and actually at first got taken by a false “OP Airdrop” scam on Twitter.
They were pretty slick.

Anyway, I got on to your actual main page, followed it, completed the proper airdrop, and ended up getting more in the airdrop than I lost in the scam, so I’m still pretty happy.

Now I’m off to explore supporting various things.
I like the vibe here.


I had none.
But I am looking forward to the AIRDROP #2.

How about distributing the airdrop quantity that has not yet been charged to other active members?

Activities on Forum should be considered.


Forum activities should be considered!

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We would love to hear your thoughts on airdrop #1! In order to keep the feedback in one place, please reply to this thread with your thoughts and suggestions.

Good feedback includes:

  • Suggestions for how to tune spam filters to reward real users.
    • Includes sybil resistance as well as improving false sybil positives.
  • Positive sum behaviors you think contribute to the community.
  • Airdrop logistics (size, frequency, etc)

Please leave constructive feedback so we keep the signal to noise ratio high in here! <333

Thank you!!!

Hello to everyone who received the first airdrop, tell me what it was given for?

@tiffjunes1 of course you are

check it Users who sold the initial OP airdrop should become ineligible for all future airdrops

Give an opportunity to airdrop people who are interested in even a small transaction. to distribute coins to more people and lead to more usage.

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True definitely need more adoption and more usage