A16z's Continued Participation in Optimism Governance

In addition to our ongoing token delegation program, today a16z crypto is identifying the wallets from which we will be directly voting on select Optimism governance proposals going forward.
As a reminder, we have previously delegated to a wide set of Optimism delegates. Today we have 17 Optimism delegates and we are always looking for more delegates with the right qualities. More info on our delegates and their on-chain voting activity can be found here.

Going forward, we may also vote directly on select, strategic proposals. To do so, we will initially use the below two wallets, which collectively possess ~10M OP of voting power.
1. 0xf11B6a8c3CB8bb7dbC1518A613b10CEb0BBfc06b
2. 0xEff8d84e0fD304550DA242040CcD45bd44CE71f1

Please feel free to share your feedback or thoughts directly on this post. You can always reach out to me individually via DM here, on Twitter/X (0xShuel), or on Farcaster (shuel.eth).