29th OP Community Call will be [Tuesday October 17th @ 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST]

Hi Michael,

Thank you for hosting these calls and all your excellent work, I’ve learned so much from you and really appreciate it!

If there is time during today’s meeting, I’d like to ask a question about KYC requirements for RetroPGF. I’ve listened to a prior community call about this and understand that the Optimism Foundation can do KYC for all owners/signatories on an MSIG address for RetroPGF, but I’m wondering if the Optimism Foundation can also do KYC for contributors who are not directly on the MSIG but receive a portion of funds via a 0xSplits contract. I’ve heard from your podcast with Protocol Guild that they experienced a related issue with this in the last round of RetroPGF and am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to resolve this issue.

I’d greatly appreciate if anyone can provide more clarity about how a RetroPGF recipient that doesn’t currently have a legal entity can reward dozens of contributors without having all contributors as owners/signatories on the MSIG. I know there are also many other exciting topics to discuss in today’s meeting and this is a rather specific question that might not have a simple answer, so I’d be happy to ask this question in the RetroPGF category of the forum or discord instead of today’s call if you think this would be best.

Dan :slight_smile:

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