Women Biz Web3 revolution tour with Optimism - Cajamarca city

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The Women-Biz-Web3-Revolution-Tour-with-Optimism took place in Cajamarca as an event that brought together the worlds of business, web3 technology, and women’s empowerment in an optimistic ecosystem. Cajamarca, with its rich history and surroundings, provided the backdrop for this unique event.

In this tour, women leaders in the fields of business and web3 technology came together to share their knowledge and experiences. The mean focus was on empowering women to participate in the web3 revolution, which represented a significant shift in how decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, and the digital economy were built and operated.

During the event, attendees could expect tech topics, interactive workshops, and panel discussions that explored subjects such as gender inclusion in technology, launching startups in the web3 space, and how to leverage the opportunities presented by this tour.

Furthermore, optimism was a key element of this event as it emphasized the potential and possibilities that web3 technology offered to entrepreneurial and professional people. Participants were encouraged to explore new ideas and envision a future in the digital economy.

The Women-Biz-Web3-Revolution-Tour-with-Optimism in Cajamarca was an experience that combined technological innovation, women’s empowerment, and an optimistic spirit, creating a stimulating environment that motivated participants to take a leading role in the web3 revolution.


  • Introduction to web3
  • What are DAOs and wallets
  • What´s Optimism ecosystem
  • Workshop creating your first wallet
  • Introduction to IA
  • Introduction to Blockchain

Our numbers:

+10 speakers
+15 brands
+100 people created their first wallet
+200 attended to their first Optimism event

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