What do you think about merchandise?

Does anyone else see some pretty sweet threads with Optimism printed on top? Think how cool a cap with “OP” would be, heck I’d even rock it if it was red!

Do you think we will see some official merchandise in the future?

Or, do you think it’s a little tacky and soooooo 2021?


NEEED MERCH!!! Who doesn’t love merch?? We all love merch. LFG


Sure, why not? Metafactory stuff is always fun (where you have limited time to buy it) as a Web3 leaning vendor, but my favorite designs for merch have been from Gitcoin. I’d buy a mug or bag or something with the OP phoenix on it.

Would love to have T-shirt with cool OP on it !

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Merchandise manufacturing is highly labor exploited business. Given that OP agree to donate profit, if there is any, to NGO and public good, I would buy one.


an optimistic sticker set (Set of 6) might be good,
i need one for my mac
this one can create an awareness for OP too


This would be very cool!

great idea! :red_circle: :star2: :red_circle: Love to have T shirts and Caps.

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Agreed, may be a sticker is good.

I would like to have a cool looking OP cap, OP t-shirt XD

I would buy some merch for sure

The enterprise of some safe user will use OP.

The optimistic shield, many will use it with pride, I love the idea. :hearts:

Love the idea! Hope Op thinks so too.

Yes! Would definitely buy a shirt that helps me evangelize Optimism.

Merchandise can be fun, cool, and easily build brand awareness.

However, it only feels fitting under certain market conditions. As the market becomes a bit more tight and liquidity for $OP is still building - it feels best to concentrating the spend and marketing elsewhere.

As the DAO matures and enters a more healthy environment, would be best to resist this topic then.