[Draft] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal Cycle 8] Optimism Merch Shop

Hey, Optimism Collective!
We are excited to propose building a merch shop for Optimism. Branded merch is in high demand in web3 space. It’s a way to engage and grow your community. Good merch is a great conversation starter and motivation for outsiders to start learning about what you do.

We think Optimism is worth learning about. It has a cool tech, and should have cool swag. This is why we propose building customised merch shop for Optimism that would make it possible for Optimism to:

  • design and create cool and interesting merch
  • sell merch to those that want to buy it
  • give away merch to those that want it
  • make special merch, claimable under specific conditions
  • deliver merch to anyone anywhere
  • showcase how capable Optimism is to handle modern ecommerce
    and much more.

We would build your shop with attention to your ecosystem and potential for integrations and collaboration. Your community is welcome to participate in managing the shop and proposing cool features, integrations or merch campaigns.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

General Magic team