Optimism by Brelgin

I want to create a unique collection of clothing (t-shirts and caps), combining my creativity with Optimism.

my artist profile: ROYD (@brelginm) • Instagram photos and videos

I only paint dinosaurs and my work is in bars and restaurants. I express my idea through bright colors and simple shapes. I think my style is a perfect match with the concept of Optimism.

Just imagine, painting and clothing combined.

I would like to organize a public sale through Zora. Each NFT = recipient’s serial number, by owning an NFT - a user would be able to claim 1 set of clothes.

Public mint NFT price = 50$ / 1 NFT
Total supply NFT = 1 000 NFT

A limited number would make the collection in demand and allow for scaling in the future, due to increased demand.

Planned production run:

  • 500 t-shirts = $4,000 $OP
  • 500 caps = $3,000 $OP
  • My own time and work for this project = 1,500 $OP

If the motion is seconded - I’d also like to get intros and comarketing from Zora and Optimism on Twitter as well

I need your help for do this idea