(UPDATED TIME) 8th OP Community Governance Call [November 8th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET]

Hi Everyone,

EDIT: We moved the time so that it is consistent with previous calls given the time change! Accurate time is reflected in this post and on the governance calendar (here).

We have our eighth community governance call scheduled for next Tuesday, November 8th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET.

The call is open to anyone in the OP Community to join.

Comment below for any topics you would like added to the agenda!

We will have a lot to discuss this week with the end of the voting cycle, end of the season, and start of the reflection period.

Zoom meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89763085519?pwd=elFwWUQrZTVJNTYrOFJGMVYxb3ZwQT09

Current Agenda: November 8, 2022 Optimism Bi Weekly Governance Call - Google Slides


I won’t be able to make this one but I’ll look for the recording. Thank you for hosting :heart:


Hey Everyone!

Just a comment that we updated the meeting slot to be pushed 1 hour later in order to be consistent with previous meetings given the time change. The post was edited to accurately reflect this.

See you tomorrow!


Please update OP Community on Layer2dao use of grants funds and Layer2dao hack.

Would be great to use a few minutes to discuss how committees would like to allocate the $40k retroactive component of their compensation for S2

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Topics I would love to see added:

What is the community thinking about delegator/delegate incentives?

How can we avoid wasting the time of big and known brains? I don’t like seeing them harassed and spammed

Can Optimism Foundation name someone who we as delegates can lean on when we have governance issues?


One more:

Do you think committes worked? should they go another cycle?

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Agenda/slides can be found here.

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I would appreciate if we did this on Discord next time, it’s a lot easier to get all the top delegates present for these calls that way


Will there be recording of this made available?

Hey! Just posted the recording here Recap: Community Call #8 (November 8th)