Update to Committee Operations

As the first Voting Cycle of Season 2 comes to a close, the Foundation would like to address some confusion related to multiple aspects of committee operations. The below updates to the voting cycle will be reflected in an update to the Operating Manual and implemented at the start of Voting Cycle #7.

Voting Cycle with Committees

We’d like to clarify and adjust how committee operations fit into the three-week voting cycle.

  • Week 1: Community and Delegate Feedback
    • 2 explicit delegate approvals required to move on to Committee Review
    • Proposers must add their approved proposals to the Voting Roundup thread by the last day of Week 1 at 7pm GMT in order to move to Week 2 and receive a committee recommendation
    • Committee members should do their best to be active in this process to ensure continuity for proposers throughout the voting cycle and since some committee members will need to provide the required approvals
  • Week 2: Committee Review
    • All reviews posted to the Voting Roundup thread by the end of Week 1 will be reviewed by committees
    • Committees will post their recommendations no later than the last day of Week 2 at 7pm GMT
  • Week 3: Voting
    • No change

The only change for proposers is that they will need to get delegate approval and add their proposals to the Voting Roundup earlier in the cycle.

Delegate Approvals

Difficulties in receiving delegate approvals during Voting Cycle #6 may have been related to the lack of clarity regarding committee review timing. The Foundation has adjusted this process for Voting Cycle #7 and will re-evaluate whether an adjustment to the approval requirements might be appropriate for Voting Cycle #8.

Committee Responsibilities

There seems to be some confusion as to the responsibilities of committees. The Foundation advises delegates to consider the initial scope recommended for committees in Introducing Committees. While committees may choose to take on additional responsibilities, committee compensation was set taking only these specified responsibilities into account.

  • Committees were envisioned to primarily perform information filtering and synthesis so that delegates aren’t overloaded with information and to enable delegates that don’t specialize in a particular topic to defer to the recommendation of relevant committees.
  • Committees are expected to vet, research, and discuss proposals, then make highly visible recommendations to non-committee delegates at the time of voting.

It would be nice to get some feedback whether a proposal was reviewed. Put mine on [REVIEW] in time but have never received any feedback from any of the delegates throughout the time of cycle #6.

It’s ok if it’s then not chosen but it would be nice to know that it was reviewed at least.

Also, if technically possible, it would probably make sense to give tags/labels to the proposals based on the relevant committee. This would make it easier for everyone to filter.

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We’re planning to update the forum soon, thanks for the additional suggestion about committee tags.

In terms of knowing whether your proposal has been reviewed, you need to get 2 explicit approvals from delegates with >0.5% voting power and then add your proposal to the Voting Roundup thread in order to move to Week 2 (Committee Review). This process was a bit unclear in Voting Cycle #6 but has been clarified for Voting Cycle #7 and is outlined in the Operating Manual. Does that help?

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Sorry, probably phrased this wrong. I understand that you need 2 approvals to get the committee review. What I meant is, how do you know if delegates even viewed your proposal. It would be good to just get some feedback either way. Right now, you could just assume by not getting any approvals at all.

The best way to get in touch with delegates is in the #gov-temp-check and #gov-general channels in Discord. Each committee also has a channel, so you can either message delegates directly there or see who you need to tag / reach out to for feedback.

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