Unclaimed airdrop to be burned?

I personally do not think this is a good idea as I bridged Eth multiple times and left on chain and did not receive any air drop. If they do not claim them maybe sending them to the one who played around on network that did not receive the airdrop. I personally believe that is only fair, to me it just isn’t right to leave some out on airdrop that actually did use bridge and played around on the network, regardless of how much it is. Pretty sure If the others are like me they lost more than 60% the Eth fees bridging over.

I agree for such to be burn, there should be a time limit


Yes, burn baby burn. Haven’t heard any better ideas and I don’t think this hurts anybody.

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What about to distribute them to the holders who did not sold their OP?

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I agree. It’s better to burn the unclaimed tokens. As they will just create error on the circulation.

yes I agree this is a good idea.

Rather burning, the tokens shall be sent to treasury and can be used for future airdrops, if any doesn’t claim them! Burning might increase the value in USD, but no other use!

No reason to burn, this aint about numba go up. Claims period is open for 12 month I believe. Unclaimed tokens could either go back into treasury or we can vote on a better use case when the time comes.


Normally the community which is active would have redeemed their airdrop unless there is an issue with the claiming process. If there are those which have not been claimed, then this could be sybil wallets. Perhaps the unclaimed airdrops can be used for the upcoming airdrops.

As the end of the claim period approaches and panic over token price subsides, we can discuss, with clearer minds, the best option for what to do with the tokens. However, burning tokens only seems to have the interest of price in mind. Perhaps there are far better uses for tokens beyond a transitory bump in value. :blush:

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Yes it should burn, it will help to the community.

What do you think someone who doesn’t care about optimism for months can contribute to the project? Ordinary people will receive airdrops normally. L2’s GAS fee is not high, so you don’t have to wait for a low GAS fee to claim. But looking at it now, we are here to discuss the rules of future airdrops and the deadline of #1 are boring, because the biggest problem the project currently faces is how to regain market confidence, how to do marketing, if the project is to follow the current thinking Work, let’s all wait for the demise!

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Could you expand on why we would burn tokens?

Need to give a reasonable time for accept them then add them Treasury for the next airdrops

agree with some reasonable time to claim, later on disable the option

yes, i agree:)or take it to second airdrop round.

I don’t believe that the airdrop coins should be burned. To me that is more of a greed thing we’re as we should be shooting for expansion. What needs to be done is issue them to the ones that were apart of the project that did not receive the airdrop. Why is OP here? Why are they helping with the scaling of Ethereum? Whales can afford to use and pay Ethereum fees where most daily users can not. So I believe the ones that used the bridge and paid crazy high eth fees to bridge over to be a part of this ecosystem should be treated the same as the rest and they should receive the left over tokens from airdrop. That is my belief not only because I was one of them people but also because I believe in fairness and that if you want your ecosystem to continue to grow we would want everyone involved and none left out. If you notice more and more of these people are flocking to other eco systems like bsc or pls. It is because these other chains are targeting these people wanting them apart of it and create equal opportunities for them to be apart of there community. If not nothing will change, and you will continue to just drive those groups away. Imagine this will be pushed off but in fairness is the right thing to do. These are my opinion and you don’t got to reply to tell me yours! Opinions are like buttholes everyone has one.

Using those Op token as a staking reward in the future?

Burning tokens is useless. When this is relevant they should be just reallocated with respect to the original intent.

There is a long time to claim, If they not claim, It’s wise to burn it