Top delegates and their interconnections: a look at the data

Hey friends, at we looked at the data we have on top delegates in the ecosystem, and their interconnections. Check out this thread:

Most of the top delegates – in the ecosystem at large – are getting delegators from Optimism and Arbitrum. A longer report is coming, and for now we looked at the top 5. A few insights are emerging:

  1. Many of the top delegates are active in multiple DAOs. Clearly a good way to facilitate communication and partnerships, and also a potential source for conflict of interests.

  2. Looking at the top delegates is a good way to identify lesser known, up and coming DAOs, which draw their interest. See an example in the tweet.

  3. An open question. Are the top delegates the new financial elite, managing 10s of billions of USD value in top tokens?

  4. Another open question: are we seeing delegation as a force of centralization, or the opposite, are they a 2nd power center, balancing the power with the original team and the foundation?

We’re working on more data and insights. Stay tuned.


Hi @Eyal ,

Might be good to look at this mission request: Foundation Mission Request: Measuring the Concentration of Power in the Collective · Issue #183 · ethereum-optimism/ecosystem-contributions · GitHub and collaborate with the @system (Optimism Foundation) as they are looking for better ways to answer and visualize this data.

If you are looking for a researcher or designer, keen to collaborate!

Bless, 0xR


Hi, thanks for this. Can you ping me on tg? Let’s discuss this. I’m @eeeit there.

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