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Sponsoring has been extended until Friday of anything that was posted before the cutoff

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Sorry @Unitap and @fujiar your mission requests came after the cutoff.


Hi Krzysztof, thank you very much for sponsoring the mission request.

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We have Great idea to Create hybrid exchange with full operated call center in 18 languages. At forex market every brokage house have full support and help to open accounts and positions. At crypto everyone forgot about this. We plan to build dex and beidge on optimism and we have agreement to liquidity provider for futures trading. We need sponsorship and help to develop

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That’s a nice mission request for the ecosystem!
We want to see how it goes together too.

Hey @tomislav! I would like to offer my sponsorship for your mission request. I am very interested in seeing the impact our technology has on people’s daily lives.


Hey @LauNaMu! I have closely observed the work you did on the Impact Evaluation Framework and Metrics Garden, and I’ve used it to make decisions. I would love to update it for the next rounds of RetroPGF, and I wish to see more builders working on it. Therefore, I am interested in sponsoring your mission request.


Hey @0xjoe! I would like to see ‘We Love the Art’ continue, evolve, and involve many teams around the world. I am open to sponsoring it, but we will need to make some modifications to allow for broader participation.

Mission Request: ERC4337 Services and Startup Program Offering

Delegate Mission Request Summary:

  1. Deploying our ERC4337 service for OP

    a. Launch the ERC-4337 bundler service for OP under the framework of RPC service. (

    b. Deploying the service of OP mainnet and testnet on our all-in-one ERC4337 browser. (

  2. Providing a dedicated Web3 Startup Program for developers within the OP ecosystem.

S5 Intent Please list the Intent your Request aligns with here:

Intent 3: Improve the consumer experience

Proposing Delegate: TBD

Proposal Tier: Ember Tier

Baseline grant amount: 20,000 OP

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: One

Submit by: To be set by Grants Council

Selection by: To be set by Grants Council

Start date: The date this proposal is approved.

Completion date: Within 3 months after the start date.


How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above Intent?

1. ERC4337 service

BlockPI Network is a decentralized multi-chain infrastructure provider, offering one-stop RPC services for web3 users. With the development of AA moving forward and started to making an impact in the whole Web3 industry, as a pioneer in the AA industry, we are committed to pushing AA service (ERC-4337 Bundler service and AA Explorer, supported and granted by Ethereum Foundation) forward to provide a better user experience for all Web3 users.

Specifically, we aim to establish ERC4337 Bundler and Explorer services to support AA user activities on OP. Users are able to send ERC-4337 RPC requests and interact with UserOps to BlockPI Network with the same RPC endpoint. BlockPI will route these requests to ERC-4337 Bundlers. We have cooperated with Candide, Stackup, Etherspot and Pimlico and integrated their open-source Bundler clients in the BlockPI RPC service network. All those Bundler clients are currently run by the BlockPI team to ensure the best quality of service. Users are allowed to choose which bundler client to process their request. Also, there is also an Auto function, which will let our load balancer select a suitable client server for the user based on the performance and health status of all the client servers. Check Bundler Service - BlockPI Network for more Bundler service info.

AA Explorer ( is an Account Abstraction browser focusing on MEV Analysis and data visualization for the convenience of AA users and developers. Ethereum mainnet is currently onboarded. Once OP is supported. Users and developers are able to access the explorer and see all the OP ERC4337 data for free.

2. Startup Program Special funds

The current program aims to give back to the community and help early stage projects grow, BlockPI launches this Web3 Startup Program and partners with other renowned projects in the industry to offer a comprehensive support, such as marketing support, funding support, tech support and special service credits (up to $1000 credits) for Web3 startups. For more basic info, check BlockPI Startup | Empowering Web3 Startups

In this Mission Request, we will allocate a specific amount of funding from the BlockPI Startup Program to the OP Collective to support projects that qualify for S5. The budget size is $20000. Each project can apply for a maximum of $1000 additional credits to cover the costs of BlockPI’s paid services. In addition to the basic $1000 credits, a maximum of $2000 credits can be obtained by each project.

What is required to execute this Delegate Mission Request?

  1. BlockPI tech team needs to work on the R&D of the ERC4337 service integration on OP (both Bundler service and AA Explorer). Maintain the service after deployment. until retroPGF 5 ends.
  2. To process the Startup Program application, BlockPI marketing team needs to verify the applicants with the OP Collective.

How should the Token House measure progress towards this Mission?

Once the Mission Request is approved, we will proceed with the related development and maintenance work. The corresponding OP allocation and duration are listed in the table below. Token House can verify the service validity of each milestone on and

We plan to operate this proposal until the completion of retroPGF5. During retroPGF4 and retroPGF5, we will submit proposals for additional reward evaluations.

Milestone Rewards Work duration
1. OP Bundler service 2,000 OP 30 days
2. OP integration on AA explorer 4,000 OP 45 days
3. Maintain the services until retroPGF4 end 4,000 OP Towards retroPGF4 end
4. Providing total $10000 additional credits to OP Collective projects. 3,000 OP Towards retroPGF4 end
5. Maintain the services until retroPGF5 end 4,000 OP Towards retroPGF5 end
6. Providing total $20000 additional credits to OP Collective projects. 3,000 OP Towards retroPGF5 end

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

We have been providing RPC services for OP for a long time and have accumulated a large number of regular users. According to our own statistics, we handle over 1 billion OP RPC requests per month.

We will report back the statistics of the OP Bundler service and AA explorer’s access in a bi-weekly report after the service is deployed to the OP team.

The impact can also be evaluated through community and feedback obtained from OP Collective projects.

For the Startup Program, badgeholders can directly communicate with the projects we have approved to understand their progress.

Have you engaged a Grant-as-a-service provider for this Mission Request?

Has anyone other than the Proposing Delegate contributed to this Mission Request?


Hey Rosmari,
As many people have already mentioned, there is already a ton of content (good and bad) about Optimism, and in various language. I believe the problem is not the content, but its distribution.
Thus, I think @Gonna.eth’s proposal for marketing support is excellent in this context.

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Upgrade a wallet with native in-wallet Optimism governance tooling, voting, and token distribution via airdrop and other novel mechanisms.

S5[ Intent]Please list the Intent your Request aligns with here: Improve the Consumer Experience & Improve Governance Accessibility

Proposing Delegate: Need sponsor

Proposal[Tier]: Ember Tier

Baseline grant amount: 50K OP

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: One

Submit by: To be set by Grants Council

Selection by: To be set by Grants Council

Start date: ASAP

Completion date: Approximately one year after approval. (more details below)

How should the Token House measure progress towards this Mission?

Milestones can be tracked through the upgrades made to the wallet.

Phase 1 - Optimism DAO voting and proposals (beta) and forum updates as the wallet is updated for browser, i0S, and Android.

Phase 2 - Launching of a token and staking functionality in the wallet. Launching of token voting mechanisms using Roman Imperium rules in the wallet.

Phase 3 - TGE (Token Generation Event) for the token and airdrop performed via the DAO tooling and upgrades to the wallet.

How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above Intent?

Keeping this a bit briefer than something like a mission application.

Mainly to improve Governance Accessibility and the bonus of Consumer Experience.

Having a mobile wallet, and browser extension for both Android and iOS to read, write, and vote proposals in the Optimistic Governance platform. Perform real token launch and traditional, and novel (Imperium) DAO mechanics in the wallet.

Phase 1

Month 1-3 (25% of Grant)


Add native in-wallet functionality for Optimism DAO voting and proposals. This enhancement will enable Optimism users to receive notifications about new proposals and vote directly within the wallet’s UI, streamlining the voting process. Additionally, launch paid marketing campaigns to promote this new feature and the wallet overall, aiming to attract more users to Optimism and increase engagement with its governance and dApps.

Tasks and Milestones

  1. Launch Targeted Paid Marketing Campaigns: Strategically deploy paid advertising to drive user acquisition, focusing specifically on the Optimism Chain audience.
  2. Influencer and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Engagement: Activate influencers and KOLs within the crypto and blockchain space to increase awareness and user adoption focused on the Optimism ecosystem.
  3. Develop Optimism DAO In-Wallet Voting Feature: Design and implement a seamless in-wallet voting system for Optimism DAO, enhancing user participation in governance without leaving the wallet.
  4. Craft Native UI/UX for Enhanced User Experience: Design an intuitive and native user interface and user experience specifically tailored to facilitate easy navigation and engagement with the Optimism features.
  5. Integrate and Connect Backend API for Robust Functionality: Ensure the wallet’s backend is fully integrated with Optimism’s API, enabling smooth, real-time interactions and transactions.
  6. Beta Testing for Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough beta testing to identify and fix any issues, ensuring a polished and user-friendly product.
  7. Official Release with Comprehensive Support: Launch the updated wallet to the public, accompanied by detailed user guides and support to assist new users in navigating the new features.

These steps are designed to not only enhance the wallet’s functionality but also to significantly contribute to the growth and engagement of the Optimism community.

Phase 2

Month(s) 4-6 (25%)


Following the integration of Optimism in-wallet proposals and voting, focus will shift towards the development of DAO tooling on the Optimism network, alongside the launch and promotion of a token and its staking and voting mechanisms.

  1. DAO Formation on Optimism: Develop and establish a DAO structure on the Optimism chain, focusing on the Roman Imperium DAO framework to prevent gamification and ensure the effective use of DAO resources. ( for more info on Roman Imperium DAO rules)
  2. Launch of the token on Optimism Network: Introduce the token within the Optimism ecosystem, emphasizing its role in governance and the unique features that align with the Roman Imperium DAO framework.
  3. Implement Token Staking Mechanisms: Design and roll out staking mechanisms for the token, enabling holders to earn rewards while participating in governance.
  4. Optimize token Voting Systems: Develop robust voting systems for token holders, ensuring their direct involvement in the governance of DAOs through a transparent and secure process.
  5. Marketing and Promotion of the DAO and token: Execute comprehensive marketing strategies to raise awareness and drive adoption of the DAO and the token, including partnerships, influencer campaigns, and community engagement.
  6. Educational Content and Resources: Provide detailed educational materials on the DAO, tokenomics, and staking processes to inform and engage the community, directing users to resources such as the whitepaper and additional information.
  7. Community Building and Engagement: Foster a strong, active community around the DAO and token, encouraging participation, feedback, and collaboration among members.

This strategic roadmap is designed to not only enhance the functionality of the Wallet but also to strengthen the community’s engagement and governance through the DAO and token on the Optimism network.

Phase 3

Months 6-12 (50%)


In the final phase, emphasis will shift towards the Token Generation Event (TGE), attracting new users to the Optimism ecosystem, executing a 20% airdrop, and continuing marketing and support for the DAO and Optimism network integration. This phase is critical for cementing the Wallet’s position within the ecosystem and driving broader adoption.

Tasks and Milestones

  • Token Generation Event (TGE): Successfully launch the token, marking a significant milestone.
  • New User Acquisition for Optimism: Implement targeted strategies to attract new users to the Optimism network, leveraging the appeal of the token TGE and the unique features of the Wallet with Optimism tooling.
  • Execute a 20% Airdrop: Distribute 20% of ‘tokens’ to early adopters and key community members to incentivize participation and engagement within the ecosystem.
  • Ongoing Marketing Initiatives: Roll out continuous marketing efforts to promote the DAO, and token, and their integration with the Optimism network, focusing on sustained growth and visibility.
  • Enhanced Support and Community Engagement: Provide comprehensive support and foster community engagement through forums, social media, and direct channels, ensuring users have the resources and knowledge to fully utilize the Wallet and participate in governance.

This phase aims to solidify the integration of a Wallet with the Optimism network, enhancing the ecosystem’s vibrancy and user engagement through strategic growth initiatives and community-focused efforts.

Have you engaged a Grant-as-a-service provider for this Mission Request?

Has anyone other than the Proposing Delegate contributed to this Mission Request? If so, who, and what parts of this application did they contribute to?

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I understand that certain deadlines had passed, although mission request sponsorship just recently opened. The new system was a little difficult to navigate for us. Any comments, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated. The wallet was completely bootstrapped and we are very serious about our engagement with Optimism as I was writing about the houses a couple years ago for example. We had been working on this proposal for a while for Season 4, but then I had to rejig for the new system of top100 delegates. All help appreciated.


GM @Bob! The deadline for submitting Mission Request drafts passed 19 days ago. After a brief review of your Mission, I believe it might be more suitable for a Grant application. You can find more information about Grants here: CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

I know sometimes it’s difficult to navigate so If you want to apply to a Grant, I recommend you to attend the next Grants Council Office Hours that you can find in the Governance Calendar and If you have any question, you can reach the Grants Council on the Discord Server in the channel grants

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Thanks @brichis We’ll be there tomorrow at Office Hours. The CharmVerse link was very helpful in getting all the materials put together.

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