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We’ve made some improvements to our initial draft Mission Request to improve clarity and accessibility. We’re in touch with some delegates, and based on feedback are hopeful this Mission Request will be picked up today.

Superchain Accounts: Accelerating meaningful participation in the Superchain Ecosystem.

Delegate Mission Request Summary:
To further enhance meaningful participation across OP Chains, we propose to develop Superchain Accounts, a Superchain native-smart accounts that leverage account abstraction features to enable OP chain users to earn Superchain Points for active on-chain participation, improve their Superchain Rank, and evolve their NFTs. Higher ranks would offer recognition and perks, such as access to Weekly Superchain Raffles and voting power in a snapshot strategy.

S5 Intent Please list the Intent your Request aligns with here: Improve the Consumer Experience

Proposing Delegate: Delegate name/pseudonym, linked to delegate profile

Proposal Tier: Ember Tier

Baseline grant amount: 40K OP

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: One

Submit by: To be set by Grants Council

Selection by: To be set by Grants Council

Start date: February 2024

Completion date: June 30th, 2024

Superchain Accounts are Superchain native-smart accounts that leverage account abstraction features that enable OP chain users to earn Superchain Points for active on-chain participation, improve their Superchain Rank, and evolve their NFTs.

The Superchain Accounts aim to serve as a user’s primary hub for Superchain activity, as it pulls together their progress across OP chains and rewards their participation. The solution should include an adopted, ideally modular, smart account standard that enables account creation and recovery, gas abstraction, and transaction bundling to allow for a seamless user experience for users. The solution should also enable on-chain data from at least three OP chains to be pulled into the Superchain Account and issue evolving Badges based on non-transferable Superchain Points that can be earned based on specified on-chain activity. Finally, the solution should include an evolving Superchain Rank that grants users access to additional perks. The mission includes an initial campaign period of at least 4 weeks, during which some OP incentives will be introduced to award active participation, which should be coordinated by the Mission recipient.

Account User Journey
As an OP Mainnet, Base, PGN user or other OP Chain user, I can create a Superchain Account on OP Mainnet and claim evolving badges and Superchain Points according to my on-chain account history on these networks. Claiming Badges and Superchain Points will be smooth and free due to the gas and signature abstraction functions enabled by Safe Protocol.

Based on my Superchain Points, I can increase my Superchain Rank, an evolving NFT that grants voting power in a snapshot strategy and the right to claim weekly raffle tickets in the Superchain Raffle.

Below is a lo-fi mock of how Superchain Accounts could look like; a detailed prototype should be produced at the end of the Design phase.

How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above Intent?
Improving the Consumer Experience is all about creating utility. Adding more meaning to on-chain transactions increases their utility and, as a result, increases transaction volume and user retention.

  • Creating Smart Accounts that measure on-chain participation, incentivizes users to merge their potentially multiple EOA into one account (to increase their level), reducing the friction Sybil creates.
  • Increasing user activity and retention across OP Chains by rewarding meaningful on-chain activity with claimable rewards.
  • Introducing Smart Accounts in a simple yet engaging fashion makes more users and developers aware of the benefits of Smart Accounts.
  • Through the campaigns, non-DeFi activities can be measured and rewarded across OP Chains.

What is required to execute this Delegate Mission Request?
To develop and launch Superchain Accounts, the following milestone need to be completed:

  • Phase 1 | Design (~4 weeks): Finalize the technical specification and design of Superchain Accounts.
    Deliverables: Solution document and Prototype.

  • Phase 2 | Development (~7 weeks): Develop the required smart contracts, UI components, and documentation, and run various tests.
    Deliverables: Test deployment of Superchain Accounts.

  • Phase 3 | Deployment (~3 weeks): Launch the final product after testing and updates.
    Deliverables: Live deployment of Superchain Accounts on Optimism Mainnet with accomplishments fetched from OP Mainnet, Base, and PGN.

  • Phase 4 | Program Phase (~4 weeks): Conduct a 1-month-long campaign with weekly raffles to accelerate meaningful participation.
    Deliverables: Campaign plan at the start and results published at the end.

  • Phase 5 | Reporting and Iteration (~2 weeks): Complete the Superchain Accounts progress report to be shared with the Optimism Collective and host stakeholder interviews to ideate the following features of Superchain Accounts.
    Deliverables: Superchain Accounts Report with insights and future suggestions published.

How should the Token House measure progress towards this Mission?
The Token House should measure progress toward this mission by tracking the completion of each defined milestone within the proposed timeline. Monthly progress reports should be shared on the OP forum to showcase progress.

Additionally, the Token House can evaluate the quality of the design/prototype, code (which should be open-source), and the execution of the campaigns.

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

A post-mission report should be published, that will cover the following elements that aid badgeholders in evaluating our impact:

  • User and Transaction Metrics: Insights in the number of Superchain Accounts created, accomplishment badges claimed, number of transactions rewarded, and insights into the transaction volume and retention of Superchain Account users.

  • Feedback and Community Response: Summary of gathered community and badgeholder feedback and responses.

  • Season 5 Learnings: The mission recipients learn from building in Season 5.

  • Future Iterations: Suggestions for the next steps for Superchain Accounts based on the insights from the report.

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