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Mission Request | Modular Crypto Brazil

Delegate Mission Request Summary

Creation of educational content and 4 events around Brazil. Modular Crypto is a governance research, media, and education project, driven by a passion for blockchain technology and a continuous pursuit of sharing high-quality information, that aims to play a pivotal role in the Brazilian crypto landscape. We want to keep contributing to educating the Brazilian community about Optimism governance and RetroPGF and onboarding people to the onchain governance world through events and educational content.

S5 Intent

Intent 4 | Improve governance accessibility

Proposing Delegate


Proposal Tier

Ember Tier

Baseline grant amount

10,000 OP tokens

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants


Submit by

To be set by Grants Council

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To be set by Grants Council

Start date

March 1st

Completion date

July 31st


How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above Intent?

Alignment with Intent: Improve governance accessibility (Intent 4)
The proposed Delegate Mission Request by Modular Crypto aligns seamlessly with Intent 4, focusing on improving governance accessibility within the Optimism ecosystem, especially educating the Portuguese Community. The mission encompasses a multifaceted approach, incorporating both educational content creation and a series of five events across Brazil to spread knowledge and experiences about onchain governance.

  • Educational Content: Modular Crypto commits to producing regular content weekly, bridging the language barrier for Portuguese speakers interested in crypto and blockchain. The weekly podcasts, live YouTube sessions, and in-depth written materials specifically address the Optimism ecosystem and governance, contributing to better knowledge sharing and informed voters.
  • Events Across Brazil: Recognizing the diverse nature of Brazil’s crypto market, Modular Crypto plans on doing five events spread across different regions of the country, providing a dedicated space for innovation and technology adoption. These events are strategically designed to highlight web3 projects, foster accessibility, and engage the Brazilian community in discussions about Optimism.
  • Community Onboarding: modular crypto is committed to making the Brazilian people more active in web3 governance, especially optimism, helping to reduce barriers to participation and increase the diversity of perspectives in governance processes.
  • Accessibility Initiatives: The proposal includes various accessibility initiatives. The regular weekly content shared in Portuguese for free lowers any linguistic and financial barriers that might limit access to quality information about Optimism and it’s governance system. This is expanded by the IRL events in which participants will be greeted with special swag, and even the creation of NFTs on Optimism during the events, contributing to a more culturally diverse and engaging governance experience.

How It Will Help Achieve the Intent:

  • Education: By providing free, consistent, accessible educational content in Portuguese, Modular Crypto contributes to increasing the understanding of the governance system for new entrants.
  • Events: Hosting events in various regions of Brazil promotes inclusivity, encourages participation from different audiences, and creates transparency and accountability through media coverage and engagement metrics.
  • Onboarding: With a focus on onboarding more individuals to governance, Modular Crypto directly addresses the intent of lowering barriers to participation and increasing the diversity of governance participants.

In summary, the proposed Delegate Mission Request comprehensively addresses Intent 4 by fostering a welcoming governance community, promoting education, and creating transparency within the Optimism ecosystem in Brazil.

What is required to execute this Delegate Mission Request?

Educational content about Optimism and governance in Brazil.
At the moment, all our content is freely accessible, serving as a valuable public resource for Portuguese speakers interested in learning about crypto and blockchain. We already try to cover all news regarding Optimism in our podcasts and social media coverage. Our content helps bridge the language barrier for the Portuguese-speaking community, making Optimism more accessible. We commit to creating weekly content about Optimism in the “State of Ethereum” (YouTube Livestream) and to produce 1 (one) in-depth written content biweekly about Optimism. We also believe that IRL events are very important to onboard and engage the Brazilian community about some such important themes as Optimism, scalability, Ethereum, and governance.

Why Brazil

Brazil’s crypto market has witnessed remarkable growth, with over 16 million users, constituting nearly 8% of the population in 2022. Despite this progress, some perceptions veer towards speculation rather than exploring the full potential of web3. Inspired by the Ethereum events, our team envisions bringing similar energy to Brazil. Recognizing the challenges in existing crypto events here, mostly geared towards trading and centralized players, we aim to redefine these experiences by planning a series of five events across the country. Our goal is to:

  • Highlight Web3: These events will specifically showcase and encourage the exploration of web3 projects, providing a dedicated space for innovation.
  • Quality and Engagement: We are committed to delivering exceptional event experiences, focusing on detail, accessibility, and engaging workshops.
  • Sustained Connection: Beyond these gatherings, we plan to maintain a year-long engagement with the community, ensuring continuous interaction and support.

By diversifying locations, we aim to bolster regional blockchain communities, providing access to specialized knowledge and fostering inclusivity. These events will spotlight projects, encourage technology adoption, and serve as nexus points for learning, collaboration, and networking. Ultimately, they aim to fortify Brazil’s crypto landscape and unite a diverse community across the country.

EVENTS (4 events = 6,000 OP tokens)

Event | March: Rio de Janeiro (southeast of Brazil and where the main crypto events are hosted)

Why? During March, we’ll have the ETHSamba and Ethereum Rio events. We want to host a side event that would facilitate the attendance of an audience already proned Web3 values, such as governance.
Estimated number of attendees: 100
Probable Location: Casa Flux
Probable date: 21st of March
Other sponsors: TBD

Event | April: Brasília (center-east of Brazil and the capital of the country)

Estimated number of attendees: 100
Probable Location TBD
Probable date: 21st of April
Other sponsors: TBD

Event | May: Salvador (a state in the northeast of Brazil that is developing a crypto ecosystem)

Estimated number of attendees: 100
Probable Location: TBD
Probable date: 26th of May
Other sponsors: TBD

Event | June: Florianópolis (located in the south of Brazil and a significant crypto & technology hub in the country)

Estimated number of attendees: 100
Probable Location: TBD
Probable date: 30th of June
Other sponsors: TBD

All events differentiating factors:

  • Open Food and beverages (in each event)
  • Merch: we’ll provide a special swag to the participants, including good quality shirt or hat, and stickers.
  • Optimism banner
  • Gamification about Optimism during the event | We plan on creating an NFT on Optimism to people mint during the event (NFTs are very valuable in the Brazilian crypto ecosystem)
  • Talk about Optimism Governance during the event
  • Media coverage (photos and video for each event)

Scheduled Agenda of the events:

  • 01:00 pm - 01:30 pm: Opening
  • 01:30 pm - 02:30 pm: Talk about the Ethereum L2 landscape
  • 02:30 pm - 03:30 pm: Talk about Optimism and governance
  • 03:30 pm - 04:30 pm: Coffee Break and Networking
  • 04:30 pm - 05:00 pm: TBD
  • 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm: Closing

Who will be the speaker?

João Pedro Kury (Recently became an Optimism delegate and was a badgeholder at RPGF3)
Why? You can learn more about João’s background in section 1 or visit his website or Optimism Agora

In the short term, in a continental country with so much potential, the presence of serious projects that follow the ethos of decentralization is essential for the development of the Brazilian ecosystem.

Expenses for Each Event (aprox.)

Meetup in partnership with other players (to make it cheaper)

Event expenses:

  • Art design - 8 hours
  • Graphic material production - 5 hours
  • Venue quoting and closure - 3 hours
  • Food quoting and closure - 8 hours
  • Ticket creation, verification, and confirmation - 15 hours
  • Participant communication (Telegram group, email) - 10 hours
  • Social media content creation (pre and post-event) - 40 hours
  • Event audiovisual recording and editing - 15 hours
  • Venue rental
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages for 100 people
  • Other expenses

Educational Content until 31st of July

Total 4,000 OP tokens

“Ethereum’s State” - our weekly live stream

  • Video - Each live lasts at least 60 minutes
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Time: 7pm (GMT-3) every Tuesday
  • Channel: YouTube, Spotify, and Modular’s Twitter + excerpts for Instagram and TikTok
  • Script - 3 hours of research and writing
  • Recording - ~1 hour

Educational Written Content until 31st of July

  • Minimum number of characters for each text: 1500
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Channel: Substack/Modular Crypto website, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Weekly at Wednesday 7 pm (GMT-3)
  • Study - 3 hours
  • Writing - 2 hours
  • Reviewing - 1 hour

How should the Token House measure progress towards this Mission?

Reports on governance forum


  • Events Videos and Photos
  • Number of POAPs/NFTs minted on events
  • Number of onboarded people on Optimism (through number of NFTs mints or other forms of gamifications on Optimism for the events)
  • Engajament with the educational content
  • Brazilian community feedbacks about events and educational content
  • Expenses receipts


  • 30th of March: report about the educational content creation + event report
  • 30th of April: report about the educational content creation + event report
  • 30th of May: report about the educational content creation + events report
  • 30th of June: report about the educational content creation + events report
  • 30th of July: report about the educational content creation + events report
  • 30th of August: report about the educational content creation + events report

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

  • Event Attendance
  • Numbers Podcast Listener
  • Count Readership of Written Content
  • Reach of our Social Media Networks
  • Number of individuals using the Optimism network due to our influence (measured through minting NFTs, for instance)
  • Optimism Branding in Brazil

Have you engaged a Grant-as-a-service provider for this Mission Request?


Has anyone other than the Proposing Delegate contributed to this Mission Request?

Yes, the whole Modular Crypto Team helped build this proposal.

About our Team Members:

  • João Kury is the co-founder of Modular Crypto with over 2 years of experience in web3 research and community building. He was one of the founding members of Bankless Brasil and served as a community builder at Nodle and NFTFY. João is currently co-founder of Modular Crypto and was a badgeholder of Optimism RetroPGF3. Telegram handle: @joaokury
  • Matheus Guelfi: Guelfi adds more than 3 years of experience to our team. He was one of the founding members and creators of Bankless Brasil and currently also contributes as a builder and coordinator at TribeX. Telegram handle: @M_Guelfi
  • Gabriella Mena has worked as coordinator of the writing and marketing guild at Bankless Brasil, she worked as a marketing manager at FestivalFAD, NFT.Brasil and Blockful. Currently, Gabriella is part of the Modular team and is the CMO at Stake Together. Gabriella is also a global ambassador for Polkadot. Telegram handle: @gabriellamena
  • Diego Cabral is one of the founding members of Bankless Brasil DAO and was the community and social media manager at The Defiant. Telegram handle: @DiegoCabral0x
  • Uai So Serious is a global ambassador of Nodle Network, analyst at Delta Trading Group, and researcher here at Modular. Uai So Serious has been a moderator of the Nodle Portuguese community and founder of the “blockaffee” podcast. Telegram handle: @anarchychains

Besides our experience, we’ve detailed other events we’ve hosted:

  • November 2022: We organized “Descentraliza” the very first event by Bankless Brasil DAO, hosted in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). We had the pleasure of hosting 80 participants and curated a dynamic program featuring panel discussions, workshops, swags, stickers, and food for those in attendance. Sponsors: Chainlink, Zapper and ReFi Springs
  • September 2023: Collaborating with Polkadot Brasil, we co-hosted an event in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), which attracted 90 attendees. The evening began with a presentation, followed by a happy hour filled with food, drinks, and a DJ. Sponsors: Polkadot
  • December 2023: We hosted an event in Belo Horizonte/MG in collaboration with Scroll and Stake Together. We had more than 40 participants, food, beverages, and a crypto quiz with a $100 prize. Sponsors: Scroll & Stake Together

Beyond our direct event organization, Gabriella also contributed to other events, including the 2022 Digital Art Biennial and NFT Brasil. She also has a background in organizing academic events in Brazil.

To finalize, you can check our past impact on the Optimism Collective right here Optimism Content | Modular Crypto - Google Sheets.

If you are one of the top 100 delegates, we would be extremely happy if you supported our proposal! Thanks and stay optimistic! :heart::dizzy::sun_with_face: