RetroPGF 3: Prepare for voting to close

RetroPGF 3 voting is coming to a close on Thursday, 19:00 UTC.

Many community members have expressed concerns about the quorum. A minority of voters have actually cast their ballots and we will do our best to adapt to conditions in real time as needed.
RetroPGF is an ongoing experiment, where the Collective iterates based on the learnings from each round. Your feedback is core to improving RetroPGF :heart:

We appreciate the thoughtful discussion among community members — these discussions give the program momentum to improve each round, and it’s exciting to see more people engage with the core ideas of retroactive public goods funding. If you have feedback please drop in the forum here :point_left:

Please focus the discussion on constructive feedback. Public shaming and harassment are counterproductive and are not aligned with the Optimism Collective’s values. We must maintain a respectful, inclusive environment where all voices can contribute without fear of personal attacks. If you are an applicant, please refrain from sending direct messages to badgeholders, as this is against the application rules.

We’ve heard the need to support smaller contributors, to run tighter scoped rounds, and for more rigorous qualification criteria. We’ll focus on this feedback, and more, in future rounds!
As with all rounds, a full retrospective will follow after results are announced. You can find the retrospective from RetroPGF 2 here.

Thanks to all the projects that applied and to badgeholders for putting in the work to push the Optimism Collective forward! Voting deadline is Thursday, Dec 7th, 19:00 UTC and results will be announced in early January :sparkles: