RetroPGF 3: Application Review Process Results & Feedback

Update on the results of the RetroPGF 3 review process.

You can find an overview of the Round 3 application review process here.


In total, there were 1594 applicants for RetroPGF 3.

Throughout the review process, 1,035 applicants were reported for violating the RetroPGF 3 application rules. 41 badgeholders reviewed 1,066 reports (which included 31 multiple reports for individual projects).

Reported vs. unreported applicants in RetroPGF 3

Review Outcomes

In the first two rounds of reviews, the outcomes are as follows:

  • Applicants removed: 967 (93.4% of reports submitted)
  • Applicants kept: 69 (6.6% of reports submitted)

In total, following the first two rounds of reviews, there were 627 applicants to be included.

During the appeals period, where any project removed in the initial round of reviews could request another review, we received 76 appeals. The outcomes of the appeals are as follows:

  • Applicants removed: 59 (77.6% of appeals submitted)
  • Applicants kept: 17 (22.4% of appeals submitted)

One applicant requested to be removed from the round, which brings the total number of applicants in RetroPGF 3 to 643.

Results of the Application Review Process

Application Review Process Feedback

If you have any feedback on the application review process, both as an applicant or a reviewer, please leave it below :sparkles:


41 badgeholders reviewers have completed an amazing job, they are so efficient.