Optimism Grants Changelog

Below is a summary of recent changes and upcoming deadlines related to the grant programs of the Optimism Collective. For more detailed information, visit optimismgrants.io.

Nov 4 - Nov 10, 2023

  • Nov 6, 2023 → Application Review Appeals have concluded!
    A total of 76 appeals were reviewed by badgeholders on Nov 4 and Nov 5. Out of these, 17 appeals were accepted as valid. See the full list of appeals outcomes here.

  • Nov 6, 2023 → Voting for RetroPGF 3 has started!
    As described in RetroPGF 3: Application Review Process Results, there were 1594 applicants for RetroPGF 3. After the review of reported applications, the final number of applicants for this RetroPGF round stands at 643. The 146 badgeholders now have until Dec 7 to cast their votes, with the first two weeks likely to be used primarily for creating Lists.