Governance Weekly Recap

Optimism Governance Updates: Week of November 6, 2023

Written by @Grant3

The second week of November witnessed important activities and processes focused on Grants and RetroPGF 3.

Elections are ongoing to select members for various subcommittees of the Optimism Grants Council.

For RetroPGF3, the initial screening is complete. The 643 applications are now being voted upon by the 146 badgeholders

The Optimism Onchain creators event on Twitter will award 1M OP tokens to creators


RetroPGF3 applications were accepted between September 17 - October 23. The RPG3 will award a total of 30 Million OP tokens. Here are some initial statistics for the application review process

Round 1 & 2

  • Total Applications: 1594
  • Applications Removed: 967, Applications approved: 627
  • Key reasons for flagging applications: Spam, duplicate applications, Outside Scope, etc

Appeals round

  • Appealed: 76
  • Appeal Rejected: 56, Appeal accepted: 17
  • Total Approved: 644/3 * (May differ by 1 applicant)

The approved applications now head to the voting phase. Votes to be cast by 146 Badgeholders


At the time of writing of the report there were 7 active proposals. A majority of the proposals deal with the Grants council affairs.

Grants Council Reviewer elections are active! Voting started on Nov 2 and will continue till Nov 15. Elections are held for the selection of members of the Growth, Builders, Milestones & Metrics Sub-committees

  • Growth Experiments Sub-committee: Growth experiments grants are aimed at maximizing the number of users interacting with applications on Optimism. The Token House will elect 5 Reviewers to the Growth Experiments Grants sub-committee. A total of 11 applicants have applied for the 5 spots.
  • Builders Sub-committee: Builders grants are aimed at maximizing the number of developers building on Optimism. Similar to Growth experiments sub-committee, the token house will elect 5 members. There are currently 10 applicants that you can vote on.
  • Milestones and Metrics Sub-committee: The milestones sub-committee will have 3 members, there are 9 applicants for the 3 spots.

Season 5 Intent Budgets: Grants Council lead @danelund.eth has proposed budgets for 4 intents of Season 5 of Grants Council. Being supported by 99% of the quorum, the proposal execution will allocate 9M OP tokens to the intents.

Code of Conduct Council elections: Currently the Foundation processes Code of Conduct Violations. This will further decentralize the code of role of the foundation and token house in enforcing the rules.

Chain Delegation Program : A total of 10M OP would be reserved for delegation across as many as 10 OP Chains, using idle tokens in the Governance Fund. Delegations will be made throughout Season 5 and 6, as additional Chains qualify.

Ratification of Law of Chains: The Law of Chains is an open neutrality framework that establishes certain protections for participants in the Superchain ecosystem.

In the Forums

RetroPGF3 Kick Off call for Voting and helping Badgeholders with the process by @jonas

A few forum posts discussed the rationale of the RetroPGF3 application review process. Around 1000 applications from total of 1594 were removed on grounds of inconsistencies in the applications. Below are the links to the forum posts about different discussions

Upcoming Events

RetroPFG showcase: Proof of Integrity is helping give PGF3 applicants a stage to showcase their products. The team held a Twitter space on Nov 8th to showcase some of the projects. The Next showcase twitter space will be held on Nov 15th. Make sure you set your reminders for Proof of Integrity with @nicod

OP Delegate Call: The 31st OP delegate call will be held on Nov 21st at 10:00 AM PT. Read more about the event on the forum post by @michael

What are Collective members working on?

Open Source Observer: A directory that measures the impact of Open Source projects on the Superchain. This includes all the projects that applied for RetroPGF3

Optimism Guide: All resources about Optimism in one place created by @danftz


Info from Optimism Daily on ranking L2s by unique addresses

Five Week contest that will award 1M OP tokens to 184 creators


Optimism Community Demo Day is scheduled for Tuesday Nov 14, and is expected to see presentations from 3 projects building on Optimism