Regarding distribution of 2M OP tokens to Arrakis and Gamma

Recently, the communities of Gamma and Arrakis were given $1,000,000 worth of OP tokens to support their protocol liquidity, which is a substantial amount that could sustain their growth for several months. However, this amount is four times higher than the allocated cap for growth grants, and it was not made public or included in the forums, nor was there a voting process on the snapshot. This raises questions about why these protocols were given preferential treatment. Have they fulfilled certain grant requirements or made specific deals?
Moreover, there are multiple LM managers on Optimism who are working diligently in a similar capacity, and they too deserve a fair opportunity to participate if rewards are being offered in this category. If more than $2 million in tokens were available for distribution, why were other protocols not given the chance to propose their ideas and potentially earn a spot as well?



I myself have not heard of either protocol. Definitely make sure the pages are legitimate business before hoping on their website or connecting with a wallet just to be safe.

Whether they are authentic grant recipients I am not sure.
It’s possible that they are receiving funds from the OP partner grant program.

They might have received the grant from Foundation which is different from gov grant and anyone can apply, its not bound to gov rules and polices.

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