Recap: 12th Op Community Governance Call January 19th

Thanks for coming everyone!

Recording is here: Jan 10 Gov Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

Summary of discussion:

  • First token-house upgrade vote coming for Bedrock!!
    • [Request for Comment] Protocol Upgrade Proposal Information
    • What kind of info would you like to see in the proposal for network upgrades?
      • Security (audits, bug bounties)
      • timeline and implementation details
      • Why are we doing this upgrade?
      • Potential community AMA?
      • Stakeholders will need time to react to vote passing
    • Proposed template will be put on the forum later today!
    • This is a big step for the token house & Optimism (get excited) :smiley:
  • Question on incentivizing builders to build w/bedrock
  • What if a grant committee member submits a proposal?
    • They can do this, but declare conflict in nomination & not vote
  • Questions about the types of projects to nominate for RPGF2
    • Round 2 is focused on things for the Optimism ecosystem specifically
    • This will likely evolve as we get further into voting rounds
    • We need to get to the point where Optimism & RPGF is self-sustaining now in order to do more good in the future

Next meeting will be next week!
-Michael :slight_smile: