[READY TO VOTE] ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers

Zk Toolkit for ZK Application Developers

Delegate Mission Request Summary: This proposal aims to develop a zero-knowledge (ZK) toolkit for application developers on the Superchain, similar to Polygon ID. The toolkit will facilitate trusted and secure relationships between applications and users, prioritizing self-sovereign identity and privacy. It allows application developers to use ZK proofs in their applications, unlocking a huge design space of applications that can only be built using crypto.

S5 Intent : Intent 2

Proposing Delegate: opmichael.eth

Proposal Tier : Fledgling

Baseline grant amount: 75k OP

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: *Select from: Up to 2

Submit by: To be set by Grants Council

Selection by: To be set by Grants Council

Start date: ASAP

Completion date: 12 months from start date


How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above Intent?

  • It will provide a toolkit to developers, making the barriers to build ZK Applications lower
  • It will make it easier for developers who’d like to build ZK Applications choose the superchain

What is required to execute this Delegate Mission Request?

  • High level of technical experience in ZK
  • Previous history of building tools for developers

How should the Token House measure progress towards this Mission?

  • Submissions should describe their final product, and set functioning intermediate milestones

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

  • What is the developer reception of the toolkit?
  • Does the toolkit provide the Superchain with a viable competitior to Polygon ID?
  • How many developers are developing with the toolkit?

*Have you engaged a Grant-as-a-service provider for this Mission Request? No

*Has anyone other than the Proposing Delegate contributed to this Mission Request? No


This is awesome! I think it’s great to build ZK Toolkits and lower the barrier for zk development :slight_smile: If y’all are interested, here’s a repo that could be helpful as starting point (zk-kit) GitHub - privacy-scaling-explorations/zk-kit: A monorepo of reusable libraries for zero-knowledge technologies.

Likely this mission would grow even further as it brings an element of zk identity, this would greatly expand and strengthens OP’s identity ecosystem


It seems like a great idea in principle, but I’m concerned about the lack of a focused scope regarding how to make the toolkit useful. The ZK space is vast and constantly evolving, so it would be helpful to define the intended purpose of the toolkit. For instance, outlining potential use cases and describing the exact products that can be built from it would be beneficial. Additionally, should we make applicants commit to providing a period of support?

The idea that comes to my mind now is to steer clear of ending up with “random” packages. Instead, it is more beneficial to follow a structured approach such as, for the developer say: “I need to prove X thing, is it possible? Well, based on the kit’s specifications, this Y package seems suitable for me due to A, B, and C.” and then “Ok, I still having uncertainty, I need assistance and potentially work in necessary adaptations to achieve my desired result. Thankfully I can reaching out to the team and seeking their help to solve viable options”.

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Good points, will work on adding more detials

Hey @Michael – just wanted to flag this as a proposal that still needs delegate approvals in order to move to a vote. If you are no longer interested in pursuing this proposal – please disregard this message. In order to see the delegates assigned to your proposal those can be found here. The deadline to provide feedback and approvals for Mission Requests is February 7th at 19:00


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Isnt something already in pipeline ?

RiskZeor and o1 lab are working to bring zk proof to Op stack and with that it would be easy to use existing CLI toolkit. GitHub - o1-labs/zkapp-cli: CLI to create a zkApp (zero-knowledge app) for Mina Protocol

This is for an application-layer ZK toolkit, similar to Polygon ID. Its a framework that allows dapp developers to use ZK in their application.

I realize I dropped the ball on defining it correctly in the application.

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I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

I like the idea of having an umbrella mission request for application-layer ZK toolkits. Even though most of them could probably easily fit into general Builders grants, just having a separate request sends a good signal to the zk buidler community that there is an interest in Optimism for their work. Also the Baseline grant amount for up to 2 participants is reasonable in my opinion as well.

Didn’t even see this one! Yeah in general I like thematic missino proposals like this - this was in my mind how these should be structured, almost like statements of intention.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

I 100% agree here - we need to do more to push for ZK development on Optimism, and having a separate stream for it would be immensely powerful to onboarding a whole new untapped subset of developers.

I am an Optimism Delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote

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If this doesn’t exist already it definitely should.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

The Grants Council has opened early submissions as an Indication of Interest for this mission request here

For your application to be considered, the Mission request must pass the Token House vote on February 14th. Submissions will not be considered if a Mission Request is not approved on the 14th.