[READY TO VOTE] Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling

Privacy tools and governance tools are something that is desperately needed, not only on Optimism. I have some concerns as to how proper the definition of this mission request is, but anyhow not enough to not vote for it.

So voted for it :wink:


Thanks for moving that mission request forward; privacy can greatly improve governance; we need anonymous voting and tools.

From a builder and applicant point of view, I also agree with this.

What’s the final output expected? A privacy voting tool to integrate in Agora? An application to give feedback anonymously to badge holders?

ZK isn’t a solution for all privacy problems; it’s inefficient only to consider that as a solution. We would like to apply and use our expertise in governance and partner with another player focused on ZK to build a private voting for token and citizen houses. Is that on the scope?

Looking forward to build and improve governance.

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Hi Alex!

Thanks for your question!

The final output expected are create implementations and test behaviours in low-risk, publicly verifiable governance and community interactions. These can looks like different MVPs of tools, such as:

  1. Privacy preserving voting tools
  2. Privacy preserving feedback tools
  3. Privacy preserving reputation tracking/validation tools
  4. Privacy preserving reputation generation tools
  5. Privacy preserving polling tools; etc

Target audiences would be: Optimism Collective specific communities or subgroups. Ex: OP-Ambassadors, OP SupNerds, OP NumbaNerds, Badgeholders, Council Members, Grantees, and Collectives/Communities within the OP Ecosystem (Velodrome delegates, Zora artists, etc).

The main goal with this Mission is for people to experiment in public and share their learnings with the Collective so any future tools will build upon their successes and opportunity areas. The final goal is not necessarily to have the ultimate solution but a good start to introducing privacy preserving set-ups for Governance and Coordination in Optimism. Hence why the following requirements have been listed:

  1. Specific use case/community in mind, detailed scope on who would be using this application: hypothesis to be tested and expected outcomes of their use.
  2. Sharing learnings on the development process, user experiences, and adoption for the Optimism Ecosystem to learn and build upon.

No claim has been done around ZK being the solution for all privacy problems. However this Mission does have the goal to bring ZK builders into the Optimism Ecosystem as outlined in Intent 3 (to which this Mission Request belongs to), so in order to apply you’ll need to have a ZK based product. You can most definitely partner with another team! That’d actually be amazing where your teams brings in the governance expertise and they bring the technical skills to implement the tech.

Super excited to see your proposal! And as mentioned in the Request the PSE team is also very happy to provide guidance and support in the process as needed if any of their tooling is used (this goes beyond Semaphore or Bandada).


Thanks for clarifying the goals, @LauNaMu!

The proposal was submitted. We are excited to work with another great team and bring the best of both to explore this important topic and share it with the community. It’s amazing to have PSE support on that, too.

FYI I just shared this project proposal that I think aligns well with this Mission Request: Building a private, on-chain, implementation for RetroPGF

Would love feedback from this group! Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone!

We noticed that none of the applications submitted passed through the preliminary round of the first batch.

If you have a proposal and need help improving it or want to submit a proposal and would like support in proof reading it or receive feedback please do reach out over here or in TG (same handle as here).

As per the last comments, the decision was to open it up to any ZK tech to be leveraged, particularly for anonymous feedback I’d also like to highlight PLUME which enables this particular use case that can be of interest to the Collective:

Message boards can have persistent anonymous identity, meaning you can post under the same nullifier three times, and everyone will know that all your posts came from the same person, and that the author of the posts is a member of the group eligible to post to the forum, but no one will know that the author is you. Another huge unlock is moderation – anonymous accounts can get banned, and anonymous accounts can accrue persistent reputation.

In the above link you can read through the details of PLUME and you can find the repo here. Just as all of the work produced by the PSE team, PLUME is a public good.

Once again, if anyone is interested/has an idea-experiment they would like to apply with please reach out :slight_smile: