[READY] [GF: Phase 1] rotki

This proposal fits into Phase 1 but does not add significant value to the growth of Op: Voting No

Value-add: Small (Privacy-protected tracking but small impact on Op growth)
Amount: Reasonable
Op distribution: Bad - internal development
Co-incentives: None

Thank you for your product, detailed proposal, transparency and quality engagement as delegate. In our view, this funding round’s goal is primarily in increasing liquidity and users on Optimism. Supporting public goods is at the core of the Op retroactive public goods funding but we doubt the positive impact & return for the Optimism ecosystem with this proposal. (Funding Rotki support for Op with $100K will likely not add many users to Optimism as you don’t have a large user base & platform support for Op will not offer network effects). Ultimately, we are not very supportive of funding internal developments - especially when they don’t have a meaningful impact on the stated goal.

Sidenote: That said, we believe a bigger focus on privacy and your support for Optimism are important. On one hand, we hope to see another proposal from you that puts more focus on co-growth initiatives and the Op ecosystem. On the other hand, if the Optimism community clearly stated that they’d also want to improve user privacy in one of the next Phases, this would be an easy yes too. Right now, we feel we can’t make that call as delegate.


Hey ScaleWeb3 thanks a lot for your feedback on why you voted no!

I disagree with your overall assessment on the impact of the proposal for optimism and hope the proposal passes so we can build this for the Optimism ecosystem but I really appreciate your feedback on why you voted negatively :+1:

This is something all delegates should be doing!


Rotki is an open-source product so in our opinion it is a public good. Not only that but the proposal details the exact amount of $OP spent, which makes it easy to understand the amount of $OP requested.

Even though it does not add a large amount of value to the Optimism ecosystem, it is an essential product. Privacy and open-source goods are important to both web3 and optimism and supporting products similar to Rotki, is something we should focus more on.


I am writing this post as Lefteris the OP delegate and not as the proposer.

I opted to vote to ABSTAIN from this proposal as I have a conflict of interest as a delegate here since rotki is also the project I have founded.

I am not sure if this is the right thing to do, since many rotki users who would like to see this implemented have delegated to me and asked me to vote with a YES. But it just does not feel correct to do so. I am torn on this.


Flipside Crypto will be voting YES in support of rotki.

We applaud @lefterisjp for the detail of his proposal and staunch attention to budget and expenses.

Despite the size ~$90,000 - he shows important care of the Collective’s funds and rationality.

A delegate and OG among a myriad of Web3 communities we entrust Lefteris to build a product that furthers Optimism and the greater L2 ecosystem.

Also - this transparency is important for the forum.

Follow your gut - best of luck building.


great ideas from the team

I will be voting NO because I didn’t like your biased attitude to another project which was very clear and unprofessional.

Thank you for your feedback. You are entitled to your vote. But what is unprofessional is voting out of spite and not on the merit of a proposal

We are voting yes on this proposal. Reasons are: very well detailed proposal and amount seems reasonable. Interesting use case to increase interest on Optimism with new tools available.

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I’ll vote Yes :white_check_mark:

Project quality: High - useful app. I can imagine that many users might avoid Optimism without proper tooling.
Team quality: High - led by crypto OG, active GitHub
Amount requested: Reasonable
OP distribution: Bad - funding development

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To vote out of spite I would need to have a project proposed and since I don’t then quite hard for it to be spiteful!

I didn’t like your clear biased attitude which is highly unprofessional, but the main reason for voting NO is the same reason I posted here [READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Candide Wallet - #29 by fewol

thank you for your feedback and for pointing me to an answer that would explain your approach. I obviously disagree with you and your view on opensource.

I have a couple objections to this, even though it looks like it will easily pass.

1 - If this is a public good, isn’t it more appropriate to seek retroactive public goods funding, something that is at the core of OP.

2 - Developers have to get paid obviously, but isn’t the point of Phase 1 to incentivize usage and liquidity? These tokens are to stimulate usage, not speculate on development.

Why do you think this is passing and what do you think i am missing?

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I voted yes on this proposal since there is already traction and a proven track record with the team, the amount requested is reasonable, and I’m a fan of having an open source, privacy-focused portfolio tracker for Optimism users.

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Love Rotki and would love to see support for more networks.

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Snapshot vote - passed

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Hey Justin.

Thanks for those points.

I think I answered those both above and in discord but for completeness sake let me go at it here again.

  1. No. Retroactive public goods funding is not a sustainable way to fund open source software development (or any kind of software development). You can’t expect people to create a project for free and then maybe if you like it throw them a small amount of coins as a thank you.
  2. For (2) I asked around discord and some members of the optimism team and they said it’s fine. I find “incentivizing usage” a waste of money as this is just creating fake adoption by buying users who come in just for the extra tokens and then leave. So called mercenary users. Creating real software that can help people is creating value. Not speculation.

hey @lefterisjp – can you provide a Telegram handle or preferred contact method so the Optimism team can get in touch about paying out this grant :pray:

Feel free to comment on this thread, DM, or email bobby@optimism.io.

Ah thanks @bobby was wondering what were the next steps. Let me email you.

By the way I am also in Optimism discord if you need to quickly chat: lefterisjp | Rotki#7253